• Right towards Free Speech

    Allowing them to march is completely different than supporting the KKK. Though the KKK stands for a terrible cause, they have the right to assemble. The first amendment states: “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”. So as long as the KKK doesn’t use hate speech, or words that would incite disturbance of the peace they should be able to walk. The KKK should be able to march because they are technically doing nothing wrong if they just march, as soon as they threaten the lives of blacks they can be arrested. Time, place, and manner are very important regarding a subject such as the KKK. The manner should be peacefully obviously, but the place should be in a place not already in racial conflict. With the shooting of Michael Brown, Ferguson would probably not be the best place. For the KKK to march, a place where racially conflict is low is the best destination. All in all, the KKK is protected to march by the 1st amendment, but they can’t incite imminent lawlessness. Making sure the KKK does not threaten and marches in the right place and time, the KKK has the right to march.

  • But they, unlike the Fascist groups, have to be watched

    Unlike the Nazi and Fascist groups who I trust way more, the KKK should be allowed to march but they should under heavier watch than any of the neo-Fascist groups. The KKK is just way more sinister in nature, and they have the capability of killing blacks and other groups they hate.

  • Right to Free Speech

    Unlike Europe, the United States honors the right to free speech. As long as the KKK peaceably assembles, they have the right to march in public just as much as any other group does. If Satanists or Neo Nazis want to march in public, they have the right to do so as well. The right to free speech means tolerance of all opinions, even if those opinions stand for something that could be evil.

  • Yes, beacuse of free speech.

    Yes, the KKK shold be able to march in public, because it is freedom of speech. Even though I disagree with what the people of the KKK have to say, they have the right to freedom of speech. They should not be able to make any specific threats, or destroy property, or hurt anyone, but they have the same freedoms of speech that everyone else enjoys.

  • It's the 21st Century, c'mon people

    The KKK stand for a disgusting and outdated cause. Racism, not unlike homophobia, is a ridiculous and dated set beliefs that has no place in the 21st century. If a group of black people paraded down the street with anti-white propaganda they would be arrested and imprisoned or fined. We shouldn't allow groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazis or Daesh to parade, free speech or no free speech.

  • Are u crazy?

    African Americans marched and they were beat with billy clubs and were killed for there rights. And in the 21st century in a multiracial country this is crazy! They should not be aloud to march in public. You think if a bunch of african american people went around saying that all whites should be killed we would have the same story! No. America should be fighting extremist groups like the KKK just like ISIS. This is bull that they should be allowed to do this. If there was a black extremist group did something like this, the Us would probably call a state of emergency and send every SWAT team after them. This is bull #@#@#%# absolutely NO!

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