• The kremlin overthrown

    The kremlin should be overthrown in Russia the decisions that are being made are not good ones and they are not working with the people rather they are working against them which makes things worse for the economy as well as everyone that is involved in if they are going to be overthrown.

  • The Kremlin isn't suited to lead Russia forward

    It's not my place as an American to advice Russian's on what kind of government or political system they should pursue, but, as an outside observer it seems that Russia's leadership is corrupt and violent and misguided in so many of its actions. It's not a true democracy. Russia would be better with real democracy.

  • Yes, the Kremlin should be overthrown.

    I think that the Kremlin in Russia should be overthrown. I think that there is just way too much power with the people who run the country in the Kremlin. I also think that they are going to be a great danger to the world and the people of Russia. That is why the international community as well as the people of Russia needs to do something about it

  • Not the Kremlin, just Putin.

    I don't think the Kremlin in Russia needs to be overthrown. However, Vladimir Putin, who has installed himself as the de facto dictator of the country, should be overthrown. He did some good for the country, but has allowed his popularity to go to his head. This invasion of the Ukraine is one example.

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