• Yes it should be banned for the hateful views and words they spew out

    They're nothing but a hate group and are not a religion. They're also not seen as a terrorist group even though they are openly racist and throw threats out on the FBI watch list but some how the BLM is? :) It's not a religion btw christianity is but their hateful group isn't. And once again it's not a religion christianity is and I don't know how they would taint the word of God that way when he doesn't hate any of his children he brings to the world. Even in the bible it said if you hate another, You just damn yourself.

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  • The KKK must be abolished

    Their ideas and behavior will drive United States into a civil war. The KKK are nothing else, But racist terrorists. Look back at their ancestors. Do you want to bring back an afterimage of their crimes, Blood-thirsty traditions, Twisted ceremonies and degeneracy? No. Does America in this timeline look like the place for them? No. Should they be banned, Arrested on sight, Shot on sight or escorted to another deserted island to do their thing? Yes. The KKK are trying very hard to justify their actions and traditions. They should know their place already. Deep inside, They still resemble evil, The Nazis, And their ancestors. Their kind will never escape/redefine who and what they are. Nothing will ever justify them. Do you know what's one place where they will always be welcomed in? In hell.

  • Of course they should!

    They are racists and should not exist in our modern society. We dont need racism, violence and discrimination in this world! We need love. We need equality. We need respect. We need kindness. We need wisdom. We are all humans. And of course we are all different. But just because we dont have the same skin color, we should not be treated different.

  • Yes yes yes

    The ku klux klan is a completely vile organization. For those who stated that the group has a right to free speech, it is worth noting that in 1871 President Grant issued orders to arrest leading klansmen and destroy the group. As such, a clear precedent exists for justice to be delivered, and for the klan to be eradicated.

  • Supporting terrorists is a very good idea!

    A racist group such as KKK itself should never be allowed. Of course I believe in the Freedom of Speech. But any idea of such danger should never be allowed in the civilized modern society. Not to mention that KKK is an organization with such charming violence history. They want all Black people to die! Do I need to say more about why should we ban KKK?

  • Yes, even if it is their "right".

    Many people argue that it's their right to freedom of speech, and that as long as they're not hurting anyone, then there's no issue. But the problem is that their belief involved killing non-white, non-Christian people. So why should they have a right to say and do such things if their intention is to bring harm to others?

  • The KKK emerged as a racist organization with murder and terror as its primary focus!

    The KKK regrouped in the 20th and 21st century with a fascist program and connects with other neo nazi groups. They have taken part in a broad definition of violent crimes and acts of terror against people of color, minorities and women. Their thought and action has and continues to be one of terrorism.

  • The KKK promotes terror and terrorists are enemies of the State and therefore not protected by the First Amendment

    The KKK has committed crimes of terror in the past against black Americans and is threatening to do so in the future. It has endorsed the Dylan Roof killings of innocent and defenseless African American church goers. Because it is a terrorist group and targets Americans it is an enemy of the state. The First amendment does not apply to terrorists. Aside from that, the First Amendment states the right of people to assemble"peacefully" The KKK does not assemble peacefully and should be banned

  • Terrorism is not protected

    Do people have a freedom of speech? Yes and no. The people saying that the kl has a right to speak seem to forget that there are limits to what you can say and hate inspiring speech should not be tolerated. Stopping unsupported hate is not censorship, but prevention of riots and terrorism. Racism is not an opinion that can be debated, but a thought that is scientifically wrong so why should they be allowed to spread lies that put people's lives at risk.

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  • It can't be banned due to the 1st Amendment

    KKK is pretty much and religion and banning it would not only prevent religious freedom but also prevent freedom of speech. They can speak their beliefs and stuff but all they can't do is harm others or interfere with their rights. Even if it was banned, People still do it. Just like how Cocaine is banned, For example, People still have possession to it. Even if KKK were to rise up the power of the gov. And military today could just sweep them like dust in an easy battle.

  • Man fuck y'all niger luvers, the kkk will rise again

    I am a format bileever in the kkk. They are the fokes that keep america safe. Man, the nigers have gon to far they r black so i hate them. Fuck nigers i want to have them ported back to africa or mexico or russia and be dun with them.

  • Nope unless you ban more

    Unless you also ban BLM and religion then no, why BLM? Well BLM is a terrorist group,, and KKK is too, why religion? Why because the KKK is a religious group, they're christians, TRUE christians as they actually do what the bible says and don't just cherry pick, either way you either ban all 3 of them or you don't ban any of them.

  • Don't ban the group who's only talking crap

    Freedom of speech. The Klan is horrible. However, censorship is never good no matter what. Let them talk their crap and go out. Most people don't support them. The Klan needs to have their right to speech. No matter what. They should however be watched because they commit crimes and violence.

  • Not banned just monitored

    Freedom of speech says they should be allowed to pollute the earth with their poisonous rhetoric. However they need to be monitored just like any other terrorist organization. Timothy Mcveigh bombings, shootings, hangings ect.. In the past they have been a source of violence in America as well as a threat to the peace of the average American.

  • KKK can not be banned

    No, I do not believe that in today's world of freedom of speech and religion, that the Ku Klux Klan would be able to be banned. They are a social group with their own sets of beliefs, the same as a motorcycle group. It would not be fair to say that this particular group is no longer able to be a group because of what they believe in or believed in in the past. I do not believe in the things that the KKK believes in, seeing that I am a black person, but this is a free country and they are free to practice their beliefs as long as it does not hurt anyone else in the process.

  • No, the Ku Klux Klan should not be banned in modern society.

    The Ku Klux Klan has the same right to exist as other separatist groups. Banning them would not be the end of them. Banning them would just drive them further underground where they would continue to thrive. There will always be hate groups. I think the key is to allow them to exist but to monitor them to make sure they do not commit crimes against others.

  • I don't agree with their message but will defend their right to say it

    While I definitely think the Klu Klux Klan is outdated and has a horrible message, as long as they aren't physically hurting anyone they have just as much a right as any other group to exist. Their right to exist and promote their message is protected by the First Amendment (freedom of speech) of the Constituition.

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