• Yes, Dwight Howard should be traded.

    Dwight Howard is a lot of things,but he is not is an excellent basketball player within the Lakers culture of playing basketball. The Lakers have set such a high bar for themselves, that it is hard to imagine that they can still have a place in their organization for Dwight Howard.

  • No, they should stay the course

    The Lakers are not a franchise prone to knee-jerk reactions, and they should not make one in this case. They acquired Dwight Howard with an eye toward the long-term future of the franchise, and one rough season should not change that plan. They believed in it for a reason and, as much as it pains me to say as a Philly fan, the Lakers tend to be pretty perceptive about player evaluations. Besides, even if they did trade him, they'd never come close to getting back the value they gave up to get him in the first place.

  • They Shouldn't Trade Him

    I realize that Dwight Howard is having a rough year but I do not think that the LA Lakers should trade him. Kobe Bryant is getting older and Howard will be the face of the franchise in a couple years. If they trade him than they are making the rebuilding that much harder.

  • He gives the Lakers a good height advantage.

    The Lakers should keep Dwight Howard because he gives the Lakers a good height advantage. He gives them a pretty good advantage on the jump ball. When he is near the basket it can probably give them some points because he is so tall. I think Dwight Howard is a big help to the Lakers. He is very tall and well built so he can set good screens. Keep Dwight Howard!

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