• The video should have been released sooner because now it just seems opportunistic

    This video most definitely should have been released sooner. Now it just seems like it was conveniently released to add fuel to the "Black Lives Matter" fire. This was an awful thing that happened and in this case, it seems like the officer really screwed up and he should be taken to justice. However, this incident happened over a year ago and it sort of seems like it's being brought back to light to fulfill a few agendas.

  • The cover up made it worse.

    It was already bad enough that Laquan McDonald was the victim of a police shooting. The scars that his family and his community faced from that event already did the damage. But to lie, to cover up, and to protect the officers who shot him for nearly a year is a gross miscarriage of justice. It makes it more difficult to trust that any police officers in Chicago are any good, when we know that several of them may be upstanding professionals. If justice was brought immediately, it would have gone back solely to the police involved in the heinous attack. The cover up now makes us wonder what else this Police Department is hiding and if they've done other things that hurt their community.

  • Yes, it should be public knowledge

    It is important the general public is not lied to. I think it's important for the general public to know the truth. This situation should not have happened. The police are not above the law and should be held to the same standard as the general public. There's no reason the video should not have been released sooner.

  • Justice for LaQuan

    In order to crack down on unethical cops, body cameras should be utilized in all traffic stops and the footage should be made public everytime. This will encourage more transparency between the general public and law enforcement. In the case of LaQuan McDonald, the police's lame attempt to protect "one's own" has deepened the resentment against cops.

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