Should the law for juveniles in India be amended for cases like the Delhi gang rape?

  • Yes it should

    I think that the law for juveniles in India should be amended for cases like the Delhi gang rape. I think that laws should be amended everywhere for juveniles in cases of brutality and extreme violence. Those things just aren't right and adults aren't the only ones who know that it is wrong. Children in some cases should be held responsible.

  • Laws Should Protect Women in India

    Laws should be more stringent in India in order to help prevent more rapes in India. Juveniles should be allowed to rape innocent victims in gang-style attacks just because they think they can get away with it. Laws for juveniles must be appropriate for the crime committed otherwise offenders won't have incentive to stop.

  • Yes, it is too lenient.

    Yes, the law for juvenile in India should be amended for cases like the Delhi gang rape, because young people should not be able to get away with terrible actions, even though they are old enough to appreciate them. It is unfair to the victims, and it revictimizes them to see the perpetrators get away with their crimes or treated leniently.

  • Juveniles need to be aware that their actions have consequences.

    Would it be any different to the person who was raped if it was an adult? 3 years in remand home maximum conviction for rape is ludicrous. If you are old enough to rape, you are old enough to face the consequence. When young girls are taught to protect their bodies as they grow up, young boys should be taught to respect the girls' bodies as well.

  • By all means, yes

    Rape is one of the most serious crimes that can ever be committed upon another person. It is not relevant as to whether the offender is an adult or juvenile. We must protect people from this horrible act. The best way to do so is to amend the law in India.

  • Minors who act as adults should be tried as adults

    If you decide to partake in an action with adults and you're in trouble for it, you should be held responsible as adult would be. Yes, you're a minor but when you are hanging out with older adults and acting as an adult, you make decisions as an adult. So why not be tried as one? But minors who partake in adult crimes are tried as minors. They get off early because of it and the victim is tormented again. Minors partaking in adult activities know the difference between right and wrong. They should be tried as adults.

  • Yes, it should

    If you're going to commit yourself to partaking in something as unthinkable as that, you've waived your right to be treated as a minor. You are consciously making decisions that completely disregard the life of another, and you are doing so knowingly. Kids make mistakes, but at a certain point there's a line that is crossed over that is something far more dark and evil. This crossed it by miles.

  • No this is ridiculous!

    While the case itself IS serious the punishing of the rapists to a much more severe degreee will :
    a) NOT "un-rape" the victim
    b) will not cause a decline in rapes ( as proven by statistics from around the world )

    What there needs to be done is EDUCATION and less POVERTY.
    Judging by the votes the majority of "YES" are willing to throw away in jail or kill humanity's problems.
    Very "humane" of you all.

  • Some crimes are un-amendable

    I think some crimes, whether they be in India, Canada, or here in the states, are simply not able to be amended. A crime as serious as a gang rape is something that should not just be wavered because the people who committed the crime were juveniles or under the 18.

  • A hard subject

    How minors should be tried is not an easy subject, but its pretty clear that juveniles should be treated differently than adults in the eye of the law. While gang rape is a truly egregious, evil crime, the capacity of juveniles is far different than adults - this doesn't take way from the seriousness of the crime, and is not a easy conclusion to reach.

  • Young people should be taught early the consequences of their actions

    Young people should not face less strict punishments for their crimes, or they will believe that they are without consequences, and may decide that they should start a criminal life young. Not to say that they wouldn't otherwise, but the message that we are sending if we decide that juveniles should be dealt with in a less strict manner is not a good one. Laws for juveniles should not be amended in India, especially for violent and sexual crimes like rape, and worse, gang rape.

  • No, That's Double Jeopardy

    This is an absolutely terrible and horrific case, but juveniles are not adults. The development of their brains is not complete. That's just be a part of body development. It doesn't forgive what they did, but it should mean that these juveniles should have an attempt at rehabilitation, remorse, and redemption.

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jeet1995 says2013-08-30T19:30:00.083
The law definitely need to amended as it is not the question of the immaturity of the juvenile but to the extent to which the crime was committed and the fear it has instilled in the minds of the people especially women. At least the law can undergo a few modifications so as to ensure that the extent to which the crime is committed is considered. Another point of discussion is that when these minors are exempted from punishment given to adults and are supposedly meant to be corrected in correction, they exactly go back in the same direction of committing crimes as they are let off the hook soon enough.