• I don't think nudity counts as indecency.

    All humans are born nude. It's inherently a part of nature.

    Outlawing nature is a lost cause.

    Now, there are indecent things. Such as masturbating in public, or hanging butcherered animals outdoors near a playground.

    But simply being nude on a hot summer day does not constitute indecency as far as I'm concerned.

  • Now that I think about it, yes.

    Yeah. No is talking about sanitation and how you don't want to sit on a bus where a complete stranger's butt just was since you don't know where that butt has been, but you don't know where their pants have been either. They could have dipped their pants in feces and urine, except they would still be allowed to sit on the bus. Now that I think about it, people have the right to go nude, or be publicly indecent, I would never want to walk around down without my top on, but to each their own, right? A woman used to be put in jail if she showed her calves (plural of calf?) in public, or people might be thrown in jail if they publicly kissed, and now we have evolved, and nowadays people are showing their entire legs with those tiny short shorts. Maybe, in the future, we will be allowed to wear (or not wear) whatever we want in public, regardless of how much skin it shows.

  • What is the big deal

    We live in a society which is now not bound by imperialistic ways. We have the freedom of speech and why is it such a crime to show off our bodies in the most natural form. It is should be repealed since it doesn't hurt anyone and the internet contains far more things which are offensive and which should be blocked like the shock websites. Maybe people who wore less would be more conscious about how they look and everyone would be more healthier. People nowadays don' t have six packs like in the paintings because we have T-shirts.

  • We all have the same parts...

    Who ever decided what was to be private, and what was not. If we all possess these so called "private parts," why do we make them such a big deal? All the law of public indecency promotes is a taboo, and a feeling of discomfort. This is not a feeling that we should be encouraging. We should let people feel comfortable in their own bodies. The public indecency law promotes the wrong things, and goes against the principal that we should be able to do as we please, as long as we aren't harming others. A child won't be scared by the sight of breasts, or that of the other sex's organs. Our ancestors used to walk around like that! In fact, there would most likely be less perversion if these "private parts" weren't such a "forbidden fruit."

  • What's the point of this Law if people actively refute it by going naked in public anyway?

    I think the US Law of Indecency should be repealed. Why? Because people are going around in San Fran, New York, and Washington, disregarding it already. There is no law in San Fran or New York that bans women from going topless, or even naked in some cases. And nudist beaches and resorts are growing exponentially. We relegate these naked people to these places out of shame and prejudice, but really, what's the harm? They just chose a different lifestyle and one I find beautiful. And yes I know the most arguments will be the scarring of children, but please. Those little angels won't even think of nudity unless you stop them, then point them toward the naked people and make them aware. Then they'll start asking the questions you wanted to avoid, and could have if you just left the naked people to their lives. Bare that in mind, so I am for every law against public indecency being repealed and removed

  • Human bodies are not indecent

    The idea that the unclothed human body is indecent is a conservative religious doctrine. It is not held by all religions, and in our secular society its imposition by civil law may be considered a violation of the First Amendment. Indecency is a matter of behavior, which is the proper province of the law.

  • Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!

    Human beings are born with certain inalienable rights...Among them are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If one obtains happiness by walking around in the buff, I have no moral, logical, or legal reason to leverage government power to prevent them from doing so. Perhaps if it became fashionable to show more flesh, people would take more care of it.

  • Your body is not indecent!

    The idea that the unclothed human body is indecent is derived from the religious notion of original sin. It is not accepted by all religions, and in a secular society it should not be enforced by law. Simple nudity is not sexually exciting. It is behavior that is exciting, and the wearing of abbreviated clothing is easily interpreted as suggestive behavior.

  • 100% for nudity

    It's completely ridiculous that we are to be arrested if we would like to be publicly nude, you would think adults would be more adult about things like public nudity, it's a body, the human body is a beautiful thing and we shouldn't be ashamed and showing it off shouldn't be frowned upon.

  • There is nothing wrong with nudity

    Nudity is natural. Teaching people to be ashamed and offended of the bodies of others is what's wrong. It's a case of laws breeding hate.
    We're a society now that also makes MORALS into laws. Since we're supposed to be a nation with a separation of church and state we should not make laws enforcing religious morals.

  • This is a silly Question!

    You have to have laws against Public Indecency.

    If you did not, some people would be having sex in public whenever it suited them.

    Now, should America have some open nude beaches like they do in some countries? Of course, America should. However, most Americans are not as civilized as our foreign neighbors; and, young punks would ruin it for everyone.

    There are private nude beaches and nudist parks in America, but, the public can't see them. And, the trash punks are kept out; so they work.

    I don't think nude beaches would work in Chicago along Lake Michigan because there are too many young gang banging punks that would be molesting too many women.

    Too many punks in America are just uncivilized.

    So, are existing Public Indecency Laws in America are just fine the way they are.

  • Do we need to see you naked? NO!

    We can be naked inside the privacy of our own homes, but not in public. No one needs to see that. Think of the young children's eyes. "Mommy, what's that on that man?" Here comes an early "the birds and the bees" talk. I'm sure parents wouldn't want to see their kids walking around naked anyways. Have some class and cover your ass. Screw to each his own, I am not driving to a meeting, grocery store, or school to see people naked. I don't want to be be at a restaurant nor fast food joint and try to eat when you are naked and nearly having sex with someone in the booth next/behind/in front of me. No thank you, I prefer eating without gagging on my food because people are naked. Let's also randomly add that rape crimes might go up. That victim is already naked saving the rapist the trouble of undressing the victim. Jut pin the victim down and go at it. It isn't indecent anymore because anyone can have sex in public plus it doesn't look like the victim is struggling (probably unconscious). Let's keep the Law of Public Indecency.

  • Bring decency back to America

    This an easy one, the progression of civilization has made it so that clothes are the social convention, as well as determine class. There are several reasons we wear clothes, public health standards, morality, occupational functionality, and the prevention of public disruption. If you are a woman you may not realize that men are visually stimulated by the sexual features of women and even more so when they're nude. Literally there are a slew of uncontrollable chemicals released into the brain and bloodstream that influence the body physically and mentally. Ever heard the term men think with their penis? Well it would be worse including the crime rates when more women are raped.

  • Public sanitation and order

    We make people wear shoes in most public places because of foot diseases. We make them wear clothing because of nether-region diseases and general filth. You don't want to sit on a fiberglass bus seat, or bench when who-knows who that's been who knows where has been there naked before you. Stuff comes out of your body even when you're healthy. And I would think people who practice public nudity have been who-know's-where more than most of us who don't. Do I need to go into more detail?

    Public nudity would also increase sexual harassment. While I wouldn't say it is the woman's fault if something bad happens, women who dress more sexually provocative are sending signals whether they know it or not. Men's desires are aroused by visual stimulation, and nudity only encourages jerks and monsters who have little self-control. Decency protects women, and in places like SF, men, too.

  • Why do people find this ok?

    Look..... I'm all for freedom of expressions in general..... But when it comes down to it there is a reason why sometimes it needs to have it's limits. I don't understand why people find it ok to be out in public like this... It's gross, inhumane, inappropriate, unhealthy, something kids shouldn't have to look at, and it just leaves a bad image on society

  • Repealed, no, modified YES

    I don't agree with repealing it, simply because there are those nuts who will take it to the extreme and push the limits of pornography. This could lead to even more strict laws.
    It needs to be modified to allow women to go topless if desired.
    Areas of public beaches should be designated as nude. Of course they need to be well identified for the prudes in America.
    Areas of public parks, both state and national need to be designated as nude, again, well identified. Granted tourist attractions like Mount Rushmore would be textile because it's a tourist trap but the Rocky Mountains can have areas designated as nude.
    Repealed, no, modified, yes.

  • Why is this a debate?

    Look.... I'm all for one for freedom of expression...... But not like this. I don't care how one chooses to express herself, but this is just flat-out ridiculous! Why the hell would you want to be nude in public?!? It's immoral, gross, unhealthy, and something that just looks embarrassing to see......

  • Naturist voting "No"

    I am a naturist who promotes Naturism, but I am against complete public nudity. Too many things can go wrong. We need more private places including beaches designated for Naturists, but we don't need to nude everywhere. I just can't see the law preventing the bad things that can go wrong if nudity is allowed everywhere. My wife and I are naturists and we go nude at the privacy of our home when alone and we go nude in private nudity resorts. We just started a facebook page to promote Naturism (http://facebook.Com/florida.Naturists). We are also launching two other websites soon (http://naturists.Us and We are doing this to promote true Naturism and not sexual nudity.

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Ragnar says2013-05-20T02:06:25.630
Torn on this.
Whatever the outcome, the law should be the same for men and women.