Should the legal age for drinking alcohol be lowered?

  • Alcohol is the only disease sold in a bottle!!!!!!!!!

    It is good to have a legal age limit for alcohol because sometimes people can die from drinking too much alcohol! Things can go too far. Also you can get very ill from drinking alcohol. It can influence your children. Do you really want your child drinking? And do you not think it's dangerous because it can kill an adult, so who says it won't kill a child?

  • Hello! 18 and being still babysitted by the government?!

    USA is the only country in the world who sells alcohol legally to people at the age of 21. While cigarettes are being sold with the age of 18. It might be true that alcohol has brought in the 80s high school seniors away from classes after they drunk alcohol during lunch. But it makes no sense to illegalize the purchase of alcohol below the age of 21, since anyone could graduate High School at the age of 21 or higher. Technically colleges are facing the alcohol problems mostly, an average college student is likely to buy beer at their junior year. But college is not anymore like High School, every age group is allowed to go to college or be on campus. Even a 80 year old person can live on campus, technically.

    Having the legal drinkimg age at 21 won't solve the problems, since the age set up was just made to avoid high school students from drinking it and then getting impaired.

    If we want to have the sale for alcohol at the age of 18 and to keep High School students being focused on their studies. It might be better to set a starting time to sell alcohol to people who are under 21. Which means that anyone being 18 can buy starting at 8:00 pm until 2:00 am any alcohol, but is not allowed to buy it during day. It is technically legal, but it should set an allowence for people under 21 to buy alcohol at a certain time.

    But technically everyone is responsible for its own actions, if he/she drink beer too much. She/he doesn't want to drink save. He/she play too much with the alcohol. Everybody person already being 18 should be mature enough to understand their own condition and have control over themselves. There is no excuse to tell people and people around the world, that Americans are more out of control with alcohol consumption. We don't want to use nationalities, or certain types of people to let us explain any alcohol consumption!

    Humans are Humans, and no excuse!

  • Lower it gahhhh

    Whether the legal drinking age is 21 or 18, there are going to be problems related to alcohol. And making 21 the legal age to drink doesn’t solve that problem. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reason why we see so many alcohol related deaths among teens. They get their hands on alcohol and get overly intoxicated as they are never sure if they will have access to this forbidden fruit ever again until they are 21.

  • Legal drinking age

    For all the people who say 18 year olds are irresponsible and act as a child. Then why can a CHILD sign up to battle in the army? Why can a CHILD live by themselfs? Why can a CHILD marry whomever? I think people should think a little more cause yes there are some who act out. But look at all the elders who go to jail for drinking. There is no difference!!!!!!

  • There should not be a legal age for drinking age.

    This is a free country so they should not tell you at what age you are allowed to drink. Your parents should make that choice. The law shouldn't tell you how to raise your children. If you are a teenager at a party why shouldn't you have the freedom to take a few sips. They should be taught about the dangers of drinking too much. The no drinking and driving law should stay because it protects people from getting into a serious accident. Teens give into temptation because they wonder what its like but maybe if they had free will they wont think its a big deal and they probably won't ive in.

  • Hello hello hello

    Look at Europe The average drinking age over there is 16, and the driving age is 18. It makes sense to let teens get the experimenting with alcohol out of the way before they learn how to drive, instead of not really enforcing the over 21 rule and allowing 15 year olds to drive.
    Look at Europe The average drinking age over there is 16, and the driving age is 18. It makes sense to let teens get the experimenting with alcohol out of the way before they learn how to drive, instead of not really enforcing the over 21 rule and allowing 15 year olds to drive.

  • Look at Europe

    The average drinking age over there is 16, and the driving age is 18. It makes sense to let teens get the experimenting with alcohol out of the way before they learn how to drive, instead of not really enforcing the over 21 rule and allowing 15 year olds to drive.

  • You are considered grown at 18!!!

    You can make multiple decisions at 18 like vote, join the military and even smoke cigarettes! Drinking alcohol should among the list of things you can when your grown and since children are already doing it, this perhaps can keep "tabs" on their consumption and even stimulate the economy with the increase of sales by 18 year olds and up. Young adults will find a way to drink if they want to, we should just make it a bit more accessible to avoid the excessive consumption.

  • Makes no difference

    The 3 year age difference makes no changes. Its up to the people who decide to drink, what amount and how they act. Not all young adults are irresponsible, careless and stupid who get so drunk that they can't remember what happened or wake up in the hospital. Some just like to sit around with friends and have a few drinks.

  • Education is the way forward, not a high drinking age that nobody respects.

    If you are legally allowed to vote, enter into contracts, join the army, watch pornography, etc, then you should be allowed to drink. If you are considered an adult at 18, and drinking is considered an "adult practice", then why is the age for that higher? On top of that, the raising of the age hasn't stopped minors from going to great lengths to obtain alcohol. It is only appealing to minors because its "forbidden fruit" for them. If there was no drinking age at all, perhaps we would not have the problems we have today. Also, the funny thing about this whole situation is when you are below 21, you can't drink alcohol, touch alcohol, even think about it but once you're 21, you can drink yourself into a coma and nobody will bother you about it.

    Instead of a having a higher drinking age that nobody respects, we should focus on education. All persons, once turning 18 years of age, they should have to do an optional alcohol education course and if they pass, they receive a license that allows them to drink legally. When passing a driving test, you should have to sign a legal contract to not drink and drive, and if you do break it, you have to pay a fine of $1,000 and lose the drivers licence for one year. You should also be allowed to drink in the company of a parent of guardian once turning 16 years of age. The youth needs exposure to these kinds of things in a controlled and informative way.

  • Instead of it being lowered, alcohol should just be banned.

    Because too many people die from getting drunk. Beer should just be banned overall. I know a lot of people would lose their jobs but there are tons of other jobs! That way less crashes would happen with young kids drinking and driving. And if kids like the taste they could get carried away and get drunk.

  • heath resons

    The 18 year old brain is still developing, and if you're handing them a drink, that's increasing the percentage of alcohol poisoning deaths, the percentage of drunk driving deaths, and the amount of healthcare dollars spent on trying to cure the flow of new alcoholics that will surely come if you try and lower the drinking age to 18.

  • a

    Health reasons.The 18 year old brain is still developing, especially the frontal lobe of their brain. Sure, they can go off to war, vote, fight at 18, but they don't have the right to ruin their brains at that age. Their livers aren't sufficiently developed. Worst of all, the drunk driving rates will drastically increase


    Say the drinking age is lowered from 21 to 18. Finally, 18 year olds will be satisfied and will pick up drinking heartily. However, children even younger than 18 will begin to abuse the new-found privilege of 18 year olds. They will be motivated by the same factors that fueled the 18 year olds to drink when the drinking age was 21.

  • Cars are more common among US teens/18yr than other countries

    Many other countries have lower drinking ages, such as 18, however, the US is one of the very few countries where it is considered the norm for a teen, esp. an 18 yr old, to drive or own a car. Combining the relatively new responsibility of driving with drinking is a dangerous combination, not just for those teens but their friends and other drivers.
    "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that through 2002, the increase in the minimum legal drinking age has saved 21,887 lives in the 50 states. NHTSA estimates that the current MLDA will continue to save 1,000 lives each year. While alcohol was involved in 60 percent of U.S. vehicular fatalities in 1982, the rate in 2005 stood at 39 percent."
    Although there are many teens/18-year-olds who could certainly handle these combined responsibilities, there are too many who cannot and threaten the safety of others.

  • No way, Jose.

    First of all, no one brought up school. I was 18 and in my senior year of high school. If children could get that before they graduated I'm sure you would see a slight drop in school stats. Also, most kids are not mature at that age, not really at 21 either, but it's better than 18. I don't want to see more deaths upon drunk driving and such.

  • No, the legal drinking age should not be lowered.

    Consuming alcohol is very serious responsibility. Not to say that serving your country at the age of 18 isn't equally as serious of a responsibility because it is, however not every 18 year old joins the military. I'm sure if the drinking age were lowered than almost every 18 year would be drinking alcohol. Not to mention, teens are going to drink and find alcohol regardless of the legal drinking age, but if the government made it legal to drink at a younger age we would certainly see more deaths due to drunk driving. Personally, when I was 18 and 19 years old, I can't say that I made the best decisions with alcohol. At the age of 21 you've matured and are more aware of the dangers of alcohol.

  • Use of alcohol at a young age can cause permanant brain damage

    Research has shown that children and young peoples brains are still developing into their mid twenties. Warly drinking can inhibit this development significantly.

    We are not giving our children a chance to develop to their full potential.

    Alcohol is involved in over 70% of aggresive crimes and murders. Young people already have less control over their impulses, why increase their chances of being involved in such crimes.

  • Considering the number of alcohol-related accidents already occurring, I do not believe that the legal age for drinking alcohol should be lowered.

    Because of the many negative side effects of excessive alcohol, and because it is already involved in a high percentage of accidents and conflicts, despite the current age limit, I do not think the age limit for alcohol consumption should be lowered.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Young people under the age of 21 do not have the life experience and/or judgment to be allowed to drink.

    A child's brain is still developing and changing until the age of 24. That in itself should tell us that we should not allow alcohol to interfere with that normal development.

    They do not have the life experience or good judgment that tells them what the outcome of their actions might be. Although they are intellectually aware of such consequences, their emotional development is not such that they will refrain from activities that seem desirable just because they know the long-term outcomes will be undesirable. That takes a level of maturity they have not achieved.

    It is often pointed out that we let people vote and send them off to various wars when they are 18. A person can process information and vote based on that information at 18. As for fighting in a war, if we limited our military to those over the age of 50, we would not be so quick to start wars.

    By not allowing our youngsters to drink at an earlier age we are not punishing them. We were not punishing them when they were 4 years old and wanted to run out into the street. We are protecting them until they are ready.

    Posted by: CI3Iike

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