Should the legal age to be left home alone be raised?

  • Left Home Alone

    I know that there is not an illegal age from staying at home alone but it still should be raised because ten year olds don't know how to fully take care of themselves such as cooking, and cleaning. Also, many preteens don't know how to handle emergencies, be responsible, and some even fear of the sounds and creepy noises that occur; thinking that someone or something is in their house. Many preteens also have a low maturity level and confidence for staying at home, leading them to not feed themselves while their parents are not home

  • Better parenting is the answer

    If a 10 year old cannot react properly to an emergency...Then the answer is to seclude them from the possibility of an emergency? How about instead we train that 10 year old (Discipline) to react to an emergency in an appropriate manner so that they may act instead of panic. This is the principle problem with the youth of America today. Our Children are seen as having a need to be protected from adulthood instead of being immersed into it, it is my personal opinion that this has lead to an increase in use of anti-depressants in adults who have grown from youth who have been spoon fed for a majority of their life instead of having been taught and trained to be self-reliant.

    We as humans cannot apply our experience to something in which we have no experience...So what? So if we've never experienced something then we cannot be expected to handle it with any sort of grace. That being said, what's the worst thing that's ever happened to you? Would you say that each time you experience something horrible you somehow apply a method of comparison from your worst experience to what you're experiencing at the time? Example: As a 10 year old child, the death of a parent should be catastrophic, life changing, even world stopping event. But as a 25 year old adult, the death of a parent is significantly diminished in means of emotional trauma, why is that? It's simply because at 25 we have a plethora of instances in which to compare the emotional trauma to and to sum up a realistic level of how badly we should hurt...But take that same 25 year old adult and suppose they've never been exposed to anything that could be considered emotionally traumatic...I believe they'd break down just as badly as a 10 year old child. This is what I'm talking about, hardship creates strength, the age old saying that "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is just as true today as it was when the phrase was coined. I'm not suggesting that children be exposed to horror in order to toughen them up, but hiding them away from the realism of the world isn't how you raise a child to be a productive member of society.

    I think (It's my personal opinion) that parents are the problem when it comes to almost all child related issues, children are a product of their upbringing, regardless of what they experience it is the responsibility of the parent to counter the negative and reinforce the positive.

    Case in point, I grew up with an SKS, a .222, and a 12 Gage shotgun all within arms reach of me and my younger siblings (4 total). We never considered playing with them because our parents immersed us into the world of responsible weapon handling and we were very informed and knowledgeable of what could happen if we played with guns...Therefore we never did.

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abyteofbrain says2014-01-10T00:13:39.867
I don't even think there should be one. Sounds like our gov's been shovin' their shnoz where it doesn't belong again.