• It's very confusing when states have different age requirements.

    While 18 year-olds are probably not happy that some states are choosing to increase the age to which cigarettes can be purchased, I think this is positive direction to go. 18 year-olds don't always make wise choices; and I say this with experience:) Having said that, I do think that this ruling should be country-wide for a couple of reasons. A) This would prevent border-hopping from teens (who may not be the best drivers) which comes with its own set of trouble and reckless behavior. Canada has a drinking age of 19 and it's not uncommon for minors of the U.S. to make road trips across the boarder to get access to booze.
    B) Uniform laws are easier to enforce. I think a solid age across the U.S. makes it easier to enforce laws. Everyone knows the legal age to drink and stores I.D. accordingly. It's just easier all around when it's a common norm.

    Now, if only the age of which one could purchase fire arms would increase....

  • The legal age to buy tobacco should be 21 everywhere.

    The legal age to buy tobacco should be 21 everywhere. Tobacco being addictive the raising of the legal age to buy tobacco is extremely important. When people have access to tobacco from a very young age, there are higher chances of them experimenting with other drugs as well. Besides, nicotine is harmful and carries health risks.

  • Tobacco as harmful as alcohol

    Yes, the legal age to buy tobacco should be raised to 21 everywhere. The legal age to buy alcohol was set at 21 for a good reason. It is a substance that is potentially dangerous. A young adult less than 21 is not equipped to handle the decisions surrounding a harmful substance like alcohol or tobacco. In addition, studies show that an individual's brain is not fully developed until about age 20 or 21.

  • Yes, the legal age to buy tobacco should be 21 globally.

    Yes, the legal age to buy tobacco should be 21 everywhere. People under 21 years of age should not have ready access to tobacco products as starting tobacco use at a young age can escalate into harder drug use later in life and put people at risk for other health conditions and risky behaviors. Nicotine is a very addictive substance, giving the user a short-lasting but quick high, especially seen in smoking cigarettes. This then facilitates dependence and later addictiong on the drug and becomes part of the user's lifestyle, making it more difficult to breakaway and creating problems with health condition and decision-making.

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