• Research now supports this

    It has been proven that the human brain continues to grow and develop well past the end of the teen years and that it does not reach full maturity until the age of 25. Impulse control is the last thing to develop.

    It has also been proven that excessive drinking before the age of 25 limits this brain development.

    In essence we are allowing young people to damage their brain by drinking below 25.

  • Self owner ship

    Watch the movie alcohol prohibition, do you really want people drinking gasoline agian like then did when alcohol was banned?

    Everyone has the right to self ownership, thus should allowed to choose what they put in their body. Self injurers shouldnt be labled criminals. Self injurers arnt a threat to anyone else
    if drugs are legal, it would be so cheap its almost unsellable, because almost everyone could make their own.

    If drugs were legal coupled with people receiving charity when needed, opportunity to a good education, to create wealth, and live an independent desent life in a desent environment, have friends, have better things to do so their not bored, and offered uncoerced voluntary appropriate drug rehab/treatment if needed, most people probably wont use or sell drugs.

    Narcotics, meth, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, ecstasy, and other drugs, should be sold in stores next to alcohol and cigarettes to all ages, and must have package-warning of illness and death chance.
    Extra tax dangerous drugs to pay for drug abuse related physical health-care, uncoerced drug rehab, and uncoerced drug risk education

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