• If you can vote and go to war, you can go to the bar.

    The drinking age should be lowered to eighteen. There is no reason for people that are legal adults to be unable to consume alcohol. They can risk their lives for their country if they want to but they can't go to the bar and have a drink. It should also be changed because it's not like 21 year olds only hang out with 21 year olds. Many people enter collage at age eighteen and they have no where to hang out because some bars don't even let underaged people in. If they lower the drinking age to eighteen, collage kids will have more freedom and legal adults will be able to malke their own decisions about alcohol.

  • The age should be abolished

    The drinking age has resulted in underage humans seeing alcohol consumption as a means of rebellion. The age is a prime contributor to alcoholism and alcohol consumption among underage humans. The age has also made it look like a "forbidden fruit" to humans who become of age. It results in excessive and potentially fatal consumption of alcohol among humans who become of age.

  • The legal drinking age should be lowered.

    I believe that the legal drinking age should be lower than 21. My reason for believing this is that if people are allowed to drink at a lower age, they can learn how to drink responsibly rather than obtaining the alcohol illegally and being able to do whatever they want while drinking.

  • Yes It Should

    The legal drinking age being so high only fosters a feeling of recklessness when it comes to drinking alcohol. It's a forbidden fruit, therefore it's more alluring to youngsters. If giving access to alcohol at a younger age and having people treat it like it's no big deal, they are less likely to abuse it in the future.

  • Yes, the drinking age should be lowered to 18.

    At 18 years old you are a adult and your free to do and be whoever you want. Your free and have no one to say different, your life is you life. A lot of 18 year olds work and have a good paying job already. They should at least be able to have a beer at the bar after work or whatever.

  • Definitely definitely No

    Drinking has absolutely no positive outcomes. It leads to so many unnecessary illness which can be avoided easily. By making the drinking age lower your allowing even more children to think its okay to drink. Do you really think its okay for you children to shove that garbage into their body. The government needs to make alcohol be more difficult to obtain

  • Health risks To the body.

    The amount of damage alcohol causes to the young, not matured mind is astonishing. It can not only harm others, but you can also harm yourself. If one is influenced to drink and drive they could harm many people. Alcohol is bad in general and lives are saved from making the drinking age 21 instead of 18.

  • No Way!

    People of age cannot even drink responsibly, why on earth would anyone consider making the drinking age lower? If anything, it should be higher. Alcohol is way too easy to get your hands on, and it's just not safe for anyone to be honest. Drinking is unsafe and not really needed.

  • No, 18 is too young

    If you look on the news and see all the deaths and crashes caused by irresponsible drunk drivers, you really wonder if alcohol is safe at any age. Teenagers generally get their cars at 18 and are still "new" to the road, adding alcohol to their lives would make things worse

  • No, the drinking age should not move down to 18

    If you look on the news and see all the reports of deaths and crashes due to drunk driving, you really wonder if alcohol is safe at any age. At 18, teenagers are just getting their cars and driving every where, they re still new learners and adding alcohol makes the situation worse

  • No, the legal drinking age should remain at 21.

    No, the legal drinking age shouldn't be lowered. Young adults at the legal drinking age are sometimes still irresponsible. Although there is a lot of underage drinking, they still need more life experience based on age, before being allowed to drink. The number of deaths due to teenage drinking is very high, and I believe this number would only increase if we lower the drinking age.

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