Should the legal drinking age in the US be lowered to 14, 16, and 18 like in Germany?

Asked by: waikeiluu
  • The drinking age at 21 does not work

    In Germany, they allow kids to start drinking beer and wine with parent supervision at age 14. They allow you 16 year olds to purchase beer and wine. At 18, they can purchase any type of alcohol.

    They don't seem to have drinking problems like we do in the USA.

  • The truth of teens

    My self im 15 about to be 16 and i started drinking like a year and half ago making the legal drinking age lower will help children like me not get in trouble for something that they will just do anyways its pointless to say no because they wont care they just want to do it more

  • They drinking age should be lowered to 14

    If it works fine in Germany, why would anyone think it wont work here. I mean, there isn't any complaints about teenagers drinking there that I know of. That is why I think that the legal drinking age should be lowered to 14 from 21. Thus my argument has been made.

  • The American legal drinking age is redundant.

    The people that don't drink before legal age, are in the minority and were unlikely to drink alcohol anyway. It doesn't change behaviours.

    From my own perspective (European), I grew up drinking wine at dinner as a child. My glass was much smaller than my parents or other adults. I never witnessed my parents drunk and my parents aren't the sort to get drunk. Within their families and social circles, being drunk was socially unacceptable but alcohol was used in cooking meals and to compliment meals.

    I still drink one or two drinks with meals about 4-5 nights a week. Some weeks, I forget to buy wine or beer and go without. I think it's very sad to exclude alcohol from your child's gastronomic education. Children are to be taught how to eat and enjoy good food. What are Americans teaching children with drinking ages older than they can vote, marry, drive or die for their country?

  • Yes because it's the highest in developed countries.

    The vast majority of people can be responsible with alcohol many years before that, but the United States has stupidly restrictive alcohol laws for historical reasons. The government should get over the fact that the alcohol ban was in the Constitution and realize that 21st-century people are apparently ok with drinking beer and wine at age 14.

  • Okie dokie ata chokie

    I think it will be fun to drink when you are 14 because u will be affected more and it will be fun and you will have a childhood to remember about. Plus evry teenager loves beer and wine and all that shit weed is yum denese aaliyah ashlyn + tom

  • Not that young

    I completely agree with a lowered drinking, but it shouldn't follow the German standard of 14/16/18 but rather just 18. Drinking at a young age of 14 is very dangerous to the brain, hindering the brain's capabilities to develop properly. Also, high school teenagers should not have self access to alcohol, it's simply a bad recipe for disaster leading to drinking and driving, early signs of alcoholism and other various alcohol related incidences. Also, contrary to the first comment, Germany does have drinking problem being one of the leading European nations in alcoholism. Check out the article below on the problems caused from the German laws regarding age limits.


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