• It should be raised to be safe

    More people die every year I want this world to be a safe place and i hope you will agree with me and I bet that the people who said no are 16 are 17 some 15 your just being stubborn if this does happen we don't hate them we just don't want more death

  • Driving age should be raised

    Most of the accidents are done by teens. Generally they not totally mature in the stage between the years 16 to 20 as scientifically too as well as we see in our day to day life too.
    They have a racer boy attitude.
    Generally they text and drive drink and drive and because of this immaturity the crash the vehicles .
    Usually they perform stunts to impress their buddies but they can be caught into a great danger.
    As we all know pollution is increasing day by day if driving may raised than the will travel by public vehicles which may also reduce pollution to a certain limit.
    Teenagers practice racing with there friends .This may cause danger to them too as well as to the people on the road

  • Raise the driving age!!!!!

    Is it not obvious ? ! ! ! You are so stupid if you don't understand ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Raise the driving age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The legal driving age should be raised.

    The legal driving age should be raised. I think that the requirements should at least be 18 years old and a high school graduate because most of the 16 years old do not have the maturity to drive. Most of them in high school are still reckless and dangerous behind the wheel.

  • Should Be Raised to Eighteen

    Yes, the legal driving age should be raised. Insurance companies have tried so many programs to try and keep young drivers safe and aware, but in spite of their efforts, sixteen and seventeen year old drivers have more accidents and fatalities than any other age group. By raising the legal driving age to eighteen, teenagers may then be more mature and able to handle driving responsibilities maturely and safely.

  • No not at all

    This is no because the kids will gain more experiance from driving at a younger age and they will probably be mature enough and the kids at age 18 would be the cause of most deaths from drinking while drivin ant kids are not eligible to drink at the age of 14 or 15 so that is a pro.

  • No use of raising the driving age

    All it does is reduce time and increase aged blockheads. Age does not matter it is the experience and mentality of a person that matters. If a bunch of teens got into an accident it does not mean all teens should be unable to drive. Its like saying america only has black people when you go to the airport and see someone with darker complexion. Hey i am not being racist, i am just giving an example. Black or white does not matter. We all come from adam and eve. Just saying

  • Here is a good reason to not raise the driving age

    It is true that the risk of crashing is higher for the 16-18 age group than any other. This is the main reason that a lot of people want to have the driving age raised. They think that when these teens are a little older, their risk of crashing will significantly decrease, making roads safer for all. The problem with this logic is that the main reason that this age group has the highest crash rate is that they are the least experienced. If the driving age is raised, the only thing that will change is the age group of the inexperienced drivers. Instead, a good idea would be to increase the amount of time a teen needs for a permit in order to get more experience before actually getting a license. So typically im trying to say that Age doesn’t matter, only experience matters.

  • Most teens are very responsible

    16 is a good age to keep the driving limit, because it is when teens are maturing. If teens can’t pass the driving test, then they aren’t allowed to drive, but if they pass, they prove that they are able to be responsible on the road. Also, It is not just teens who are destructive on city streets and highways, adults are as well. The law requires teens to apply for the license, which restricts their driving time to the hours of 5 a.M. To 11 p.M., with exceptions for driving to work, school, church or related activities, or if they are accompanied by a licensed driver.It also prevents teens from chauffeuring their friends around town, prohibiting teens with a restricted license from driving with multiple passengers other than family younger than age 21. Under the law, the restrictions would be removed over a one-year period if a teen maintains a clean driving record. Wilkinson has worked at Parkway Cleaners for about a year and a half. She said she has been driving herself to work and if the legal age was raised it would be harder on her parents. As it stands, she doesn’t have to worry about getting a ride home from work. Age doesn’t matter, only experience matters. Also, instead of their parents having to drive them around everywhere, teens are able to take that responsibility upon their own shoulders. Teens

  • No definitely not!

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  • Because i said so

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  • Not All Teens Are Immature

    Some teens may be blocks heads, but some aren't. It is unfair to the teens that can follow the rules of the road. Raising the legal age will help lower the amount of crashes, but it will also raise the amount of underage drivers. Also, some teens need to drive to get to work, school, and other activities. They're parents work too, so they can't always transport them.

  • Driving Age Should Stay The Same

    I do not believe the driving age should be raised. I think the current age requirements have functioned well in society. Accidents will never be eliminated, but that doesn't mean teenagers shouldn't get to drive. I think it is smart to limit their driving, but I don't think it is smart to take it away all together.

  • The legal driving age has worked so far

    No, I do not believe that the legal driving age should raised. If a teen has proved that he or she is capable of operating and motor vehicle, then they should be able to do so. Some adults do not know how to drive, but no one questions whether they should continue to drive. Earning their drivers license is a right of passage for many teens and that should not be taken away.

  • Legal Driving Age All Right

    While the legal driving age doesn't need to be raised, tweaks need to be made with regards to the requirements. Acquiring a license in most states is far too easy and requires a maximum of two simple tests. States need to make their written and driving tests more difficult because not everyone deserves to drive.

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