• No. Keep the age limit as it is

    How will younger people make money to pay road tax, Insurance and petrol. No parents/carers can't pay for it as I am sure they have there own road tax, Insurance and have to pay for petrol as well. There is more important things in this world to be debated about.

  • It should be lowered

    Even though most kids are irresponsilbe, some are very responsible and letting them drive would be more benefical to the teen and to the parents, even though a lot more kids inexperienced on the road my cuz more minor accidents, (maybe more major crashes) teen will grow up with more experience as they get older

  • Yes man, yes

    I love driving so I can have a girlfriend. My parents died in the war and I live alone with my older brother. But he his getting boring (and hes gay) so I want a new person to hang out with. Please, America... Make the driving age legal to age 13 or lower... Thanks

  • Hello driving young

    Teenagers should be able to drive and it will come down to their parents opinion if they can drive. If their parents think their not mature enough then thats their choice if they get to drive or not. The sooner we learn how to drive the sooner we will be able to drive safer.

  • R h s

    Teenagers should be able to drive and it will come down to their parents opinion if they can drive. If their parents think their not mature enough then thats their choice if they get to drive or not. The sooner we learn how to drive the sooner we will be able to drive safer.

  • I want to drive

    I have to what for the bus in the morning but if i was able to drive i would drive to school not be cold in the morning the bus takes for ever to come and pick me up so i have to freeze in the morning just what for the bus and by the time the i get to school i am late for my first class if i could drive i would not be late again for school

  • Well i thin k it is a good idea

    Adults like me , think teens are irresponsible but don't you think if we let them drive it'll make them responsible. Think about it when anybody really focuses they can ignore all distractions, or they can make harder tests which teens can study hard for, because they really want to drive

  • More parent freedom

    Parents would be able to have more free time because they would spend less time driving their kids around. Kids would also learn independence, and they would learn how to navigate around where they live. They could also learn so they can have more practice when they need to help their kids prepare for their drivers test.

  • The driving game should be lowered.

    Teens are responsible because what happens if your parent is still asleep when you have to go to school? What would you do then, and what if your school is far away and you don't have a way to get to school? Also, most car crashes are caused by people who were under DUI.

  • Driving is not that hard

    Im 13 I've been able to drive since i was 9 its not that hard when ever we hit a dirt road we hop out i drive and ive never done any thing wrong when driving i stopped at stop signs i've never hit anything and its crazy easy for me and children tend to be more cautious from the fear of getting into an accident yet adults tend to get "sloppy" after years of safe driving.

  • Just Read It

    Answer me this, Do you want more car accidents and inevitably more deaths in the U. S? Most people would say that that is an easy question and would answer no, But some people also want the legal driving age lowered, Which would cause this exact thing to happen. Today I am arguing that the legal driving age should not be lowered and stay the same. I will argue this for these three reasons, It would cause more accidents, Kids are not mature enough, And it would be bad for the environment.
    My first point is that it would cause more accidents. According to the CDC injury center 16-19 year olds are the highest age group involved in car accidents. In fact, Per mile, 16-19 year olds are three times more likely to get in an accident than the average adult. Those statistics show that teens are much more likely to get into an accident than an average driver. Lowering the legal driving age would just make these stats worse and cause more deaths and accidents.
    My second point is that teenagers are not mature enough. Getting your license isn’t just being able to drive well, But also other things. When you get your license many people also get a car, And that can be a lot to handle for a young 15-14 year old. By getting a car they would have to handle insurance, Make sure to change the oil, And clean it. To an adult this may not seem like much, But to a young teen this can be very overwhelming. Teenagers also are on their phones much more than adults and would most likely be on their phones while driving. We all know that texting and driving can have very fatal outcomes, Especially with a new, Inexperienced driver texting.
    My third and final point is that it would be bad for the environment. The environment is being more and more destroyed as more cars are created driven. With the legal driving age being lowered, Many more cars would start to be driven. This would just further worsen our world and environment.
    In conclusion, The legal driving age should stay the same for these three reasons: it would cause more accidents, Kids are not mature enough, And it would be bad for the environment. Ultimately this isn’t a debate of kids being mature or responsible, But just a matter of safety, And safety takes priority over all.

  • No because it is dangerous no because it is dangerous for younger people

    Because it could more kid in harm if they could drive and it is dangerous for younger kids if they were able to drive
    and the roads would be dangerous and probably increase the amount of accidents on the road and it is just dangerous for younger people to drive

  • I am 13 and I can drive almost as well as my father can

    I personally own a snowmobile a rotax 500cc motor that goes 100 km/h on groomed trails which is basically a highway for snowmobiles. I also drive my dad's full sized truck on dirt roads and I have on public roads before. I'd say if the government were to down the age, make the test harder and be very picky with what teens you would think are responsible or not. I'd say getting a driving permit at 14 and the license at 15.

  • No no no

    Because it would cause more crashes and accidents and they are not mature enough they are too immature and cant control them selves and there bodys and cars with there parents would die if they get into a accident with a expensive lovely car beautiful carrrr bbbb bbb bbb bbb

  • N To The NOOO

    So, if the Age was lowered there can be an increase in accidents, and people know, we do not need any more than that. There may be some people that disagree with me, but I know im right. Many people nowadays don't drive responsibility, even adults. Even though it can be a learning experience, they should not drive until they are more responsible.

  • To many accidents

    If the age is lowered the amount of accidents will go so much more higher I think the age should go up to 21 that why you have matured and don't really know want to go out and drink. You will be more responsible and more reliable. The fact that people want to make the age 16 do you really want your kids to die. They will only focu on driving and not there school work.

  • Do you want the world to blow up!?!?!?!?!?

    If adults cant alwasy make the right dision how can we expect a child to!?!?!? The death toll would go through the roof! More mourning familys sueing the governament means the government will take our money to pay the kids funerls !!
    Im 13 and even i think this is a bad idea!!!!! Dx

  • No the legal driving age should not be lowered.

    The government should not lower the driving age because 14/15-year-olds are not mature and responsible enough. Lowering the age is even worse than raising it. Even though some say that lowering the age is giving them more expariance, they are simply wrong. It will only cause more crashes and accidents.

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