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  • No: The Legal Monopoly of Cable Companies Should Be Broken Up

    In spite of the idea that we live in an information age, we are starved for meaningful information and analysis. Large media conglomerates serve as the gate keepers of information and consolidate wealth in a way that is harmful to the public interest. In a society that promotes freedom of speech, it is a shame to know that in reality, the speech that gets the most weight is that which has the most money behind it.

  • No monopoly is good for the customer

    Any monopoly is bad for the customer. Without competition the monopoly can do whatever it sees fit even if it doesn't have its customer bases best interests in mind. Anti-trust laws exist for a reason. Although government intervention should be used sparingly in a free market society this is one of the instances that denotes their involvement.

  • Legal Monopolies by cable companies needs to stop

    Legal Monopolies by cable companies needs to stop because it is ruining our country. With Cable Comcast and a few others to name, they are quickly taking over the market and are monopolizing our cable industry. There will be no competition left, and every customer will soon only have a few options to select from AT&T is already taking over the cell phone industry, and Cable Comcast is taking over the cable industry.

  • People should have choice.

    No, the legal monopoly by cable companies should not be allowed to continue, because choice would drive down prices and drive up quality. Also, some other competitor might come in and allow people to buy only the channels that they want. This would make people happy, who have wanted that option for a while.

  • Government Is Failing Us

    I do not believe the legal monopoly held by cable companies should be allowed to continue. I believe the government is partially to blame for this issue, but it has plagued citizens for far too long. I believe these monopolies should be broken up and cable companies should be allowed to offer services wherever they chose and customers should expect to have a plethora of options. Limiting competition has never proved beneficial.

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