• Yes the age of voting should be lowerd.

    Because not all teens are unresposipal and not muture, because some teens have an idiea on which president and they may have a good mature idieas, and I do agree WE HAVE MORE KNOWLEDGE OF POLIITICAL ISSUES THAN MOST ADULTS. So this is why I think that teens should be able to vote.

  • I believe the age should be lowered,age doesn't define maturity.

    I believe it should be lowered,age doesnt deifne maturity,some adults that are 20 are still really imature not all but some and some 14 year olds are already mature enough to make some serious responsible decitions i personly know some 21 year olds and adults who are extremely imature and im no adult but im mature enough to undertsand.

  • Yes, education has changed

    Yes, education has changed The education has changed. 12 would be a good age. In school, i've been taught the political parties, their missions, how voting works, and how to make the choices. We even took part in a survey called "studentvote" sort of like voting, to let the government know what kids think about political parties. Kids are mature enough to vote and make choices, at least in canada. Everyone in my class wants to vote. Kids today have more education than some adults. My teacher, when voting for the first time did not know any of the names of the leaders. Or parties. Kids today however, follow elections closely, trying to see if their favorite political party wins, helplessly not able to vote. Some kids like me care, and some don't. Some adults care, but some don't being able to vote should not be depended on age, but rather on education and experience, or how much they know. MOST ADULTS VOTE REGARDING HOW NICE THE NAMES OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES SOUND. That's ridiculous right? Even us kids at the age of 12 or 13 can do better. WE HAVE MORE KNOWLEDGE OF POLITICAL ISSUES THAN MOST ADULTS

  • Parents can force their children to vote without knowing the issues.

    Even at 18, kids may vote simply based on their parents. However, at even younger ages, the influence would undoubtedly be greater. Parents could force their kids to vote on something they may have no clue what they are voting on. That does a disservice to the voting process. Voters should be informed. And while their are uninformed adults voting, that doesn't mean it should be acceptable. Leave it at 18, and give kids a chance to learn more about the issues they are voting on.

  • Maturity is a big factor.

    People are not enough mature before 18...The minimum age should remain 18 only! They will just follow other people and vote for the majority...They wont have much idea whom to vote for. In my opinion, according to the universal adult franchise, one shoul vote only when he/she reaches an age of 18.

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