Should the legal voting age for the UK be lowered to 16?

Asked by: TheBigFish13
  • Yes, think about it

    It should not matter how old you are to express Ur opinions. I understand that we shouldn't let a 5 year old vote because they don't know their talking about but I think the legal age to vote should be 13 in my opinion, even though 13 is kind of young, does not mean you cant express your opinions on certain things. I live in America and I want 13 to be the age you be able to vote here too

  • More Votes, More opinons

    These 16 year old are smart enough to make decisions. This could be their perfect outlet to express, those ideas. And though i have never lived in the UK. I know that whatever age you are, you should have a voice in government. Like in the USA, people around this age group know better than to vote for Trump, but adults don't. If we allow 16 year olds to vote at least in the UK it will make an everlasting difference in their society. (A good one)

  • Think of the Future

    Whatever age you are, the decisions of the government will affect you so when you are 16 and already have many rights, why not have the right to vote two as a wait of two years might cause an impact on a 16 year old's life before they can do anything to stop it

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  • What? Absolutely not

    The average 16 year old person has absolutely no political or historical knowledge. Letting them vote allows voices to be heard that honestly don't have the knowledge yet to be heard. If this would be allowed, they would vote for the "coolest" or "hottest" candidate, and will not even think twice about what the candidate actually stands for and what their policy is. In all likelihood, parents would sway their kid and get them to vote for whoever they want them to. Barely any 16 year olds actually care about politics anyway. I think the voting age should stay where it is at 18. That way, college students get their voice heard, and college is really where kids actually start learning things and caring about the future.

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