• It Should Stay At 15

    The age of being able to work should stay at 15. I do not think there are any good reasons to change it. By that age people should be responsible enough to have a job. I also think that the earlier a person learns the value of a dollar and how to manage money, the better off they will be in the future.

  • Indeed it should

    15 gives kids the time to get accustomed to the high school workload before adding additional duties onto it. I don't think an earlier age will get a good work performance or cause any life skills to be learned from having a job. This is the right age to get started.

  • Yes, I believe the legal working age should remain 15.

    I believe that anyone younger than 15 lacks the maturity and cannot handle the responsibility of having a job. Let kids be kids and enjoy their youth not working, they have their entire lives to look forward to working for a living. I think if the working age was lowered it would allow employers to exploit the children by paying them less for doing more, or having them in work under conditons that could be dangerous.

  • Yes, the legal working age should remain at 15.

    The age of 15 in our society is generally considered the age when a person moves from childhood to young adulthood. It is the time when many begin to drive for the first time (not fully licensed) and the time that many get their first job. Children 14 and younger are better suited for jobs like babysitting. When a person is 15 or over, he has a higher level of maturity and is ready to interact with the public and be responsible for a variety of work tasks. Many 15 year olds have proven themselves highly capable of producing good work. In some places, children under 15 are allowed to work for their family's business, and I think this is fine, but overall I think that age 15 is a good legal age to begin working.

  • The Age of 15 is a great age to start working.

    15 is the perfect age to start working because they have that maturity that younger teens don't have. For example, 15 year old's are just getting used to high school and becoming more responsible with life. They should then have a job to earn money, Which will teach them good financial knowledge, Causing them to have a greater financial future. They are now transitioning to become young adults. Getting a job is just the first step to the next chapter of their life.

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  • Age 15 is the perfect age to work

    More then 70% of teens want to start working at age of 15. They need to start earning their own money. And learn to value it. Now a days theirs so much fashion going on and teens want it all they want everything and some times parents cant always buy them everything.

  • It should be lowered

    In today's economy, there are many families struggling to make ends meet. It is not uncommon for kids in struggling families to help ease the load by getting a part time job. There are also applications and interviews that everybody has to go through, so only those teens that employers think can handle the job will get hired. Jobs also teach responsibility, and learning responsibility at a young age will be beneficial throughout a lifetime. Teens who have jobs are also less likely to be on the streets and doing drugs, simply because they are busier.

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  • The working age should be changed

    Many families could be struggling and 13-14 year of age could work, YES it could affect sleep and school, but it's for the better. Also there should be certain laws where working hours are limited to a amount where teenagers get enough sleep and complete there work. It wouldn't be abuse, but it's just how working is.

  • The working age should be lowered.

    If kids started working at the age of 13 they wouldn't have to be asking their parents for money all the time they want, or need something. I'm not saying all 13 year olds are ready to work but there are some who really are and some who really need to. Teenagers also need to learn to be responsible and see how it is to work and see how it feels to win their own money.

  • Kids have rights too

    Some kids family s don't have enough money to buy new shoes or clothes or food for four meals a day. If younger kids can work, they can help earn money to help their family live. It will also help kids become more responsible for heir future lives when they grow up and get married and have kids.

  • I think kids should get jobs at 13 because working to me is fun if you like to cook or bake.

    Why can't we work at a young. I mean it would not be that bad because we would get payed and we would get to stay up late. We could also get to know people that we never met before and if we do get to meet them we might get a new friend who likes what we like.

  • No, children should be able to work in small amounts.

    No, the legal working age should not remain at 15, because younger children should be able to work for small amounts if they want to. Young children should still have the fun and responsibility of a paper route. Some 13 year olds might enjoy tearing tickets at the movie theater. Hours should be very limited, but it should be allowed.

  • More independence for teens

    They should lower the age because teens these days need to learn that everything isn't about technology and they need to be more independent. Teens are always asking their parents for cash and don't know how to make it themselves. I'm 13 and I hate asking for money so I honestly think that they should lower the legal age to get a legal job. Of course there would be limits but some kids are more independent then others, and some parents cant provide for them so.... Yea

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