Should the Legend of Zelda video game series have been called the Legend of Link instead? Link was the Hero that did everything

  • Legend of link

    I don’t really under stand why they made it the legend of Zelda. I know it doesn’t really have a good ring to it but the legend of link makes much much more sense than the legend of Zelda because it’s all about link though. That’s my debate. . .

  • Legend of Link all the way!

    Calling the game "Legend of Zelda" never made sense to me. The first game I played was Ocarina of Time, And I thought Zelda was either the main character or the name of the kingdom until I realized the kingdom was Hyrule and Link was the main character. Of course, Zelda is a central figure but Link is obviously the hero in the entire series. It's like if we called "The Dark Knight" something along the lines of "Scarecrow". Sure, Scarecrow was important but he wasn't the main character.

  • It makes sense but no.

    I think Nintendo may have hit their head with the first few Zelda games, But now it just seems like tradition. And The Legend of Link just doesn't have the same ring to it. I think it may have been called the LEgend of Zelda in the very first one because Link was quested (TASKED) with saving her.

  • Zelda is as significant to the plot as Link

    Although the games are of course centered around Link, The story of the games often heavily involves Zelda. For example, In Breath of The Wild, Zelda is the one who traps Ganon in Hyrule castle and lays out the path for Link. Although Link is the main character in all the games, I think it's unfair to say that Zelda is not a hugely important character in the plot of a majority of the games.

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