Should the LGBTQ be allowed to proselytize our kids at school?

Asked by: Jikpamu
  • What a bigoted way to ask this question.

    Should backwards hetero-normative lifestyles be promoted by default in our schools?

    Should the constant abuse and dehumanization of lgbtq teens and adults continue due to the ignorance imposed on our society by a dwindling religious minority?

    Should the radical right get to indoctrinate our children into believing gay people should be neither seen nor heard?

    Is separate but equal the new mantra for the radical right?

    We're just asking questions!

  • It's not "proselytizing", as you eloquently put it.

    There is nothing wrong with challenging the hetero-norms persistent in school settings. Students shouldn't be conditioned to believe that one sexuality is normal, and therefore more acceptable than another. The first form of action would be to enable homosexual students and couples to embrace their sexuality without feeling the need to repress as many, many homosexual students do. This means that students would have to become aware that homosexuality is indeed a legitimate sexuality that deserves the same respect and treatment that heterosexuality receives.

  • Giving Answers to Questioning Youth

    Many youth struggle with understanding and accepting their sexuality, especially if they do not fit in to what society has deemed normal.
    The LGBTQ community informing the youth by 'proselytizing' at schools would not only give relief to questioning or out youth, but give answers to youth with 'normalized' sexualities or otherwise about what the LGBTQ community really is.

  • Absolutely Yes Indeed

    Kids are going to enter a world in which somewhere between 5 to 10% of the people they meet fall under one of these umbrellas. Unless you think it's a great thing for them to approach with hatred in their hearts or ignorance in their heads, why would you be against it?

  • This High School principal should "keep it in his pants"...

    Do you still believe the LGBT is not after our kids? As principal he probably organized the school gay pride parade...


    Woodrow Wilson High School principal Pete Cahall stunned many of his D.C. Students when he came out during the school’s gay pride celebration.

    After the announcement at the LGBT event, Cahall was still shaking as students walked up to offer him hugs, WJLA said.

  • Schools arent the place.

    We already hear enough about this movement on the internet, and schools really arent the place for it. Once we allow these groups in schools, the creationists and religious groups are going to want in next too. Soon all our schools will be filled with backwards knowledge, and we have to either homeschool or send them to a private school to get a decent education. I'm not completely against gay rights, but I think a lot more people would be supportive and understanding if they didn't try to force their sexuality on everybody.

  • No one should proselytize.

    I think this question is ill framed. But, the obvious answer is no one should be able to proselytize in schools ever. We already have creation idiots trying to force themselves into classes proselytizing. Honestly, I have never heard of a LBGT group doing this. Probably as being homosexual is not a choice, so proselytizing like a church (belief is a choice) is pointless.

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LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-17T22:48:27.827
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? They are already doing this. Most parents object to it, but our gay loving, terrorist supporting president supports it. His mother should have had him aborted. The world would be a better place.