Should the licensing age for two-wheelers be lowered?

  • Yes,they should lower

    I have been waiting for years to ride a moped from the second I saw my brother get his I wanted one. I am tired of having to wait for my parents to pick me up or take me somewhere I would rather have a moped so I can go and do the things I need to do and Honestly I just want a moped

  • No, it should not.

    Younger people are not responsible enough to handle two-wheelers. They already crash at an alarmingly high rate. Giving younger people a two-wheeler is like asking for them to die. The current licensing age for two-wheelers is fine. It should not be changed unless we just want traffic fatalities to increase.

  • No, children can have fun.

    No, the licensing age for two-wheelers should not be lowered, because the vast majority of children know how to use them responsibly. The more people who use two-wheelers, the more crashes there will be. This is not necessarily based on age. Sometimes, adults can be just as irresponsible. Children should have their fun and be able to use two-wheelers too.

  • No. I do not believe the licensing age for two-wheelers should be lowered.

    No. I do not believe the licensing age for two-wheelers should be lowered, because young adults have a hard enough time practicing safe driving habits in 4 wheel vehicles. Lowering the licensing age for two wheelers will only serve to increase the death rate among young drivers in our society.

  • It should not.

    The licensing age for two wheelers should not be lowered. They are very dangerous and more people die on those then they do in cars. The current laws are working perfectly fine right now, and there is no reason to change them just because some teenager want to driver them sooner.

  • Mopeds Already Don't Need License

    Mopeds, simply motorized two-wheeled vehicles that don't go as fast as motorcycles, already don't require a driver's license in many states. Therefore, the licensing age for two-wheelers shouldn't be lowered whatsoever. Kids need to be a certain age in order to drive a motorcycle. If anything, the licensing age should be increased since motorcycles are dangerous without any protective shell around the drivers.

  • No, the licensing age for two-wheelers is already too low.

    Drivers of any vehicle need to be responsible enough to truly consider the consequences that can occur due to traffic violations and generally not paying attention, and the legal age for these drivers is already too low. Lawmakers need to consider when citizens are old enough to really understand the law when they design the law itself.

  • Driving Encounters The Same Dangers Regardless Of Wheel Count

    The licensing age for two-wheeled vehicles should not be adjusted. We have seen a proliferation of scooters and mopeds in our country, however, the drivers of these devices drive on the same thoroughfares that all vehicles utilize. Many people agree that 16 is an appropriate age to learn the responsibilities of driving, yet, this age group still has the most accidents.

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