Should the link between schools and families be strengthened?

  • School and families should work closely together

    Yes, the link between schools and families should be strengthened. Seeing that children spend more than half of their childhood and some of their young adulthood in school it would be a natural occurrence if the school and the family relationship was strengthened. They could reinforce the things that both deem important in a child's life and education.

  • Yes, where this isn't happening.

    Schools need to do their jobs of educating young students, but families also have a responsibility to see that this education is taken seriously. By the same token, a family needs to send a child to school with some encouragement and the best resources it can find, so the two need to work together.

  • We are just residents.

    Yes, the link between schools and families should be strengthened, because the teachers often want to keep the parents out of the educational process. One leader of the Michigan education union said that parents do not know better than teachers, because the parents are just residents, and should not have a say in their children's education.

  • links between schools and families should be strong.

    Everyone is always talking about making schools better. But one of the biggest problems in education is that many families are uninvolved or unsupportive of their child's education. Without parents that care at home, it is very difficult to make a child learn. Families need to be involved and aware of what is going on in school.

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