Should The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride also be Rebooted in Live-Action?

  • I say yes

    Great question, But i really want it to happen, So thats why i am waiting for the live action! :) This is a great idea i say. Please can you tell Disney to make a live action? PLEASE? Cuz this sounds like a great idea! I can't wait till disney does this job for me! ;)

  • Live action remakes are bad

    Fisrt of all this is impossible. I think what you reaally mean is a photo realistic re-make it's not reboot if it's a sequel.

    Like I said am aginst the whole idea of live action re-makes, They only exist to make money. We already hev the animated movie and it's better because you can make the animals more expressive.

    There are so many stories that have never been told, So many stories that were never adapted to film. Those films should be made instead.

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