Should The Lion King be treated as nothing more than a kids movie just because it's Disney and about animals?

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  • But it was cheesy.

    There were animated movies of higher quality that had similar symbolism such as "Joseph King of Dreams" and others etc. I felt this movie was rather cheesy and no offense it leaves bad memories. I sincerly that I didn't learn about McDonald's from promotions about this movie. If I didn't, then, weew it's a relief, but because of that I have a phobia of this movie.

  • I wish more people looked more deeply into The Lion King (and other such movies)

    Sure, it's Disney, rated G, and it's about animals. But why should we automatically dismiss it as nothing more than a little kids' movie? If it was just a little kids' movie, it would teach little kids' education (shows like Sesame Street, Dora, and Blue's Clues) instead of really sensitive topics such as the plot themes of The Lion King. Same for all of the other Disney films. Bambi, Robin Hood, Hercules, Hunchback, Frozen- pretty much nearly every Disney movie ever.

    They all have deep messages, and yet many people (but not all, of course) judge it by who made it, if it's animated, and the characters' covers.

    They aren't just lions. The Lion King was inspired by Biblical stories and Hamlet. It's not a kids' movie.

    Can kids watch it? Yes.

    Is it just for kids? No!

    These are all symbols. Everything is symbolic. What's the point of telling stories meant to be insightful if they have no morals or symbolism?

    Are you going to dismiss "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" just because it's about a wolf and a boy?

    Sure, it's safe for kids. But the message is meant to be held in mature standards.

    Same for Narnia. It was based off of the author's belief in Christianity. Aslan is based off of Jesus.

    Same for Harry Potter. It teaches about the power of love and the meaning of bravery.

    Even MLP isn't just for little kids. It doesn't teach the # 7 like Sesame Street does.

    It's about friendship.

    So before you judge fictional stories by its covers, remember symbolism .

    Sure, it's fiction. But fiction is supposed to reflect off of real life- just in many different forms.

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TheINFJNala says2014-11-04T17:55:18.257

Read the link above. It proves my point.