Should the location choice on Debate.Org be expanded to people living outside the US?

Asked by: Duncan
  • An American who live outside the US

    I am an American citizen and I am an English teacher in Brazil and I have recently discovered this website. I have been using the topics as a guideline for conversational classes in English. The students always have a lot to say. I have found that my own views on most of life's big questions have changed dramatically since my coming to Brazil. Americans could benefit a lot from worldwide views on these topics.

  • As a Britton, it really irritates me

    I really feel like this website needs to be properly expanded so that the rest of us can be a part of it, too. I can't enter whole sections of my profile data because I don't live in the US, and that really gets on my nerves. Either that or make a separate section on the site for us Brits.

  • An Expansion is Necessary

    Not only the location options, but a vast majority of this site's options when it comes to profiling are uniquely American. For example, most people who like to debate about important issues are likely to have strong opinions about politics, and yet only opinions about American politics are facilitated. This suggest one of two assumptions:

    1. Only Americans will be accessing this site. This assumption seems rather ridiculous, seeing as the Internet is open to at least most of the world. The the only way this assumption could have come about was to assume that only Americans are intelligent enough to want to debate and who can access this site. Stupid, and yet not quite so insulting as the next possibility:

    2. America is the only country in the world that anyone could possibly hold an interesting opinion about. This doesn't even cover the location option issue, so I won't expand on it here, but honestly?

    That being said; this site, like all sites, is in the process of evolving, and so I won't hold it against it that it has taken some shortcuts in favour of its own country in order to get things up and running. Good job. They're up and running. Now is the time. To step back and see where you need to improve. The points I have stated above are only true under the circumstances that the site has had the opportunity to expand its options, and has not done so. I hope to see a few international options appearing in the near future.

  • More people in the world than just the US

    This website is wonderful because many different people are allowed to voice their opinion, no matter what it is. This idea should not just stop with the United States. There are more countries out in the world, full of people with opinions, and ideas. Just because they may not live in the US does not make their opinion any less valuable.

  • This one is for us

    I think that many would agree, debating is not only something fancied by the U.S, Personally, I am a Malaysian who shares and equal passion for the competitive spirit instilled in debates, and i believe that placing the location choice to more than just the US will be a good move to rake in more and more debaters from all over the globe to share their passion and experiences as well as ideas. It is only human to improve and only futile to remain stagnant, therefore, a change should take place in this case.

  • I am not American. I'm sure there are others who agree with this annoying flaw about confirming identity if they don't live in the US.

    The debate.Org site asks many times for location specific details. But since each location and school is multiple option rather than fill in a blank, only American debaters will be able to enjoy this feature. I think it should at least be changed to a fill in the blank option, to expand further, and if such a feature were to appear, it would only make this site better.

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