Should the magnitude 4 earthquake in San Francisco be a cause for alarm?

  • All quakes are cause for alarm

    All quakes are cause for alarm. This is because it shows scientists the data they need to study the plates and it shows people in quake-prone areas that mother nature does not play around. Hopefully more people will move away from the quake zones. It is hard to believe that people move to these areas.

  • San Francisco earthquake is a warning sign

    San Francisco was hit with a magnitude 4 earthquake recently with no immediate reports of damages or injuries but this should be a call for concern.ThIs is the third reported case of earthquake within three weeks, along the Newport-Inglewood fault. The same area was hit with a 3.4 magnitude on April 30, and the Baldwin hills area which is along the fault was also hit a magnitude-3.3 on April 13.

  • It can be

    yes , the earthquake can be the cause for the alarm . Since over these past 10-15 days , many places has been caught by earthquake and it is an invincible disaster . The only way we can protect ourself from these natural disasters is by staying aware from them before they occur , thatswhy it is obvious that to become safe from megha shock , alarm was opted .

  • Of course not.

    In areas with frequent seismic activity, such as California, earthquakes are not a big deal. Earthquakes under magnitudes of 5 are not considered major occurrences. Of course, large earthquakes are causes for concern, but an earthquake this small should not. That is like saying all winds are causes for concern because strong winds can cause damage.

  • Happens all the time

    Minor earthquakes are constantly happening in California. Though earthquakes are obviously a serious deal, as the incidents in Nepal have shown. Minor earthquakes are always happening in California. The infrastructure there has adapted to this constant occurrence, these incidents are a good time to test structures in preparation for a large earthquake.

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