• Sanders deserves more respect and attention from media

    Bernie Sanders is a major player in the Democratic party and has the potential to defeat Hillary and become the Democratic Presidential Nominee. If he does defeat her though, this puts him and all Democrats at a serious disadvantage because all the GOP candidates, especially (and unfortunately) Trump, have had so much air time and coverage by mainstream media. The democratic party really only has Sanders and Clinton and both deserve equal media coverage.

  • Bernie Sanders is headed toward the White House so the media needs to pay close attention

    Bernie Sanders is going to win the White House, that is my prediction. No one saw him coming, just like Donald Trump. He has touched on a nerve that Americans are tuning in to. The middle class is disappearing and falling behind quickly, especially after the financial collapse. Most families are still pulling themselves out of the huge financial hole they were in and want someone who can for once be on their side. They don't want someone who is for the wealthy. The wealthy have benefited enough and are back to where they were prior to the collapse. The media needs to pay close attention because the public are no longer distracted by the entertainment of Donald Trump. They are starting to take things more seriously, as they get ready to make probably the most important decision of their lifetime.

  • The Mainstream Media Should Pay More Attention to Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders has been bringing up important issues in the polls and he is actively lobbying against the excessive power that many major corporate influences have in the country. He is a grass roots political leader who is focusing on bringing power back to the working man in the country.

  • The mainstream media already pays attention to Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders is simply slightly left of Barack Obama, and he gets plenty of press. I simply believe that the press is so far left leaning that it no longer realizes its bias. Or, perhaps it does, but cannot stand to admit it. Perhaps the press should go all out and give Sanders more press. Then we can be assured that the destructive nature of his policies can be seen by everyone.

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