Should the mainstream media use Chelsea Manning's preferred female name and pronouns?

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  • Refusing to accede to this wish just demonstrates a wish to cause gratuitous offence.

    There is no harm to calling Manning 'Chelsea.' None, zip, zero. To insist on calling her a he in contravention of this is just to be insulting for its own sake, not only to Manning but to all Trans* people. Whatever we think of her actions in relation to national security, the punishment for that should be what the courts have prescribed ie imprisonment, not denying her the right to her own identity.

  • Gender ≠ Sex

    Yes Chelsea Manning was born a man and that is her sex. But if her brain identifies with the gender of a female she should be treated as such. If the media doesn't want to use the name Chelsea because that's not her legal name I slightly understand that. But if they really should not misgender someone like that. Being a gay person I find it awful that people would support me but not one who is also being oppressed. Especially someone who I consider a national hero.

  • Everyone should be addressed the way they feel comfortable with.

    There should be respect in this world. If you don't address people the way they're comfortable with, that's called rudeness. Once and for all, there should be peace and friendship between all people. Some people are just too scared of kindness and peace. They don't know what to do with it, that's why they avoid it.

  • Are people really this ignorant about transgender issues?

    She said in her official statement that she would henceforth prefer to be called Chelsea and to be referred to using female pronouns. It's not that difficult to understand. Check out the link associated with this question, and look at the sheer ignorance of mainstream media outlets. They publish stories about Manning announcing she is now female, but call her "Bradley" and use masculine pronouns. Ridiculous, offensive, and shameful.

  • She's not a man

    She might have male sexual organs, but her mind is what matters. In her mind, she's a female. Penis shmenis. It's an old cliche, but it's not about what's on the outside that counts, but what's on the inside. On the inside, she's a girl. It's as simple as that.

  • Yes, they should.

    What people do not understand is that gender is not just about body parts. If someone wants to be a woman, let them. It is not harming you in any way. Be more open minded and accept that just because someone has a penis doesn't mean they are a man.

  • Respect Peoples Pronouns.

    The fact that Chelsea Manning broke the law should have no impact whatsoever on whether the media should respect her as who she is. She is a transgender women and should be respected as such. Not only should the media use Manning's preferred pronouns but the government should as well provide her with the medication that she needs in order to bring about the sex change she wishes to make.

  • It's about being respectful to one's identity.

    As far as the medic is concerned and should cater to, Chelsea Manning IS her name and she IS a woman, and so, should be known as such.

    How would it feel if you reading this, were constantly mistaken for the sex you are not (you are born with a one is and constantly mistaken as a woman, or vice versa)? It wouldn't feel good, wold it? In fact, I don't doubt for any second that you would feel like crap. So how you think a transgender person feels having this on them for their whole lives?

    It's not about political correctness here, it's about actually being a decent human being and respecting another's gender identity . So yes, she is Chelsea Manning and should be recognised as such.

  • They must use the preferred name and pronouns.

    Manning deserves to be identified by what she identifies with. If she identifies as a she, she deserves to be treated as such. The mainstream media may have to refer to Manning by the original quasi-cisgender name and pronouns, but must make the conversion to the female name and pronouns.

  • Because she is a woman

    She might have male sexual organs, but her mind is what matters. In her mind, she's a female. Penis shmenis. It's an old cliche, but it's not about what's on the outside that counts, but what's on the inside. On the inside, she's a girl. It's as simple as that.

  • I am fine with the LGB community because they are born that way, but the Transgender community is a different story

    You are born as a man with a penis, not a women with a vagina. So you stay that way. Also transgenderism is found in one species, can you guess which one? Yep, homosapien. Its also a waste of time and resources in the medical realm. So no, we shouldn't be referring to him as "Chelsea and her".

  • It is about how the person is known.

    The US is quite free in allowing people to change their name. Citizen Manning should file for a legal name change, and he would almost certainly get it.

    The press is free to call Manning whatever they want. They usually go with whatever tag, legal or not, that the public associates with the person. It may well be that "Lady Gaga" is not her legal name, but as long as that is how people know her, that's what the press is likely to use, and identifying the person with a known name is a good reason. Using "Chelsea Manning" is likely to make people think that his sister somehow became involved. A way to transition is to use "Bradley (Chelsea) Manning." A legal name change would then be reflected as "Chelsea (Bradley) Manning."

    Political correctness is like a religious doctrine. Doing what political correctness requires, no matter what confusion results, is an attempt to force others to conform to a religious practice.

  • Of course not

    Bradley Manning is not a woman. A Female is defined as: "Of or denoting the sex that produces ova or bears young." Whether or not Private Manning feels like a woman trapped in a mans body is irreverent. One cannot simply become a woman by saying "I'm a woman" and more than a human can become a camel by saying "I am a camel". When and if Mr.Manning gets full Gender reassignment surgery, he may qualify as a women.

  • Not until he legally changes his gender.

    Until he goes through procedures to change his gender to female and his name to Chelsea then he is not female and cannot be treated by the courts as such. As he is represented as Bradley in courts, this is how the media will have to represent him when covering his court cases.

  • Follow Court Etiquette

    In in a court of law all parties are always referred to by their proper given names as is written on legal documents. Bradley Manning can call himself whatever he wants but legally he is still a man named Bradley and should still be addressed as such. His sexual orientation I won't condemn but I find it suspicious that he comes out now, just after his verdict is released, thus creating a huge media storm.

  • Legality and Physicality

    Legally, whether Manning identifies as a woman or not, HE is physically and legally a man. If he wants to be called Chelsea, and considered a woman, he should change his name and have the operation. Granted if you introduce yourself as Chelsea and are dressed as a woman, no one would definitively know the difference unless they reached up your skirt, but if legally, he is Bradley, and physically he's an outie not an innie, He should be called Bradley until the changes are made. (or we could just call him Manning - considering he is technically a soldier, regardless of his actions)

  • Probably not I would say

    To be honest I think most people know him as a man named Bradley. Now calling him Chelsea and a her would be a bit confusing. This whole sex change thing is really a distraction. So he has these personal issues, how does that relate to the issues he exposed?

  • Feelings vs Facts

    No, they should not. The mental or emotional opinions of an individual do not change who they are. Manning's feelings that he is actually a woman does not change the fact that genetically he is a man. Though you cannot judge individuals based on their sexuality, you would be just as wrong to accept that Mr. Manning is a woman as if you denounced evolution because of your faith. Those who claim to support Manning's choice a both illogical and harm the overall pursuit of achieving equal rights for all people no matter their sexual orientation by associating transgender people with supporters of gay rights.

  • No, this is so immature...

    It is a guy and should be treated like a guy. He was born a guy and a guy he will stay. Next we will hear arguments that his sex changing surgery should be payed for with taxpayer dollars. This whole tranny thing has gone way way too far and is becoming ridiculous and immature. People just need to grow up. I am a homosexual man, but this...This is too much.

  • Absolutely positively not.

    As a society we should not encourage this kind of behavior. Men are men and women are women, deal with it. He's in jail for espionage. The crime was committed by a male, a male was convicted in court, and he needs to be made to serve his sentence as a male. It's a prison, not a transgender spa.

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