• Duck Commander Family Business at risk

    If you read the entire complaint it is obvious there are several clear contract breaches. The fact that the contracted with another beverage company within weeks of executing an "EXCLUSIVE" agreement is elementary. The complaint is for the amount the tea company has invested, the greedy party here is clearly Duck Commander.

  • Fraudulent breach of contract

    If one takes the time to read all the articles on this lawsuit (and complaint), the tea makers lawsuit is not limited to the Duck folks failure to provide specified endorsement activities, but Duck Commander blatantly violated the contract by licensing other RTD drinks AFTER issuing the plaintiff an exclusive contract for ALL RTD beverages. The judge will see quick its FRAUD !

  • They had a contract.

    If it was written in the contract that Uncle Si would help promote his tea, then the makers of the tea are right to sue Duck Commander. They are in breach of contract if they signed a million dollar deal but will not lend the front person of that deal to the company for advertisements. That is just business.

  • What. The. Heck.

    The fact that Si Robertson endorses a company's tea and promotes it should make you say no. Essentially, why should they sue? It's just stupid. No company should be stupid enough to sue a person for publicly loving a product and asking to others to try it. It's free advertising! No wonder they filed for bankruptcy. They're too stupid to stay in business.

  • We have way too many lawsuits nowadays....

    This is pure craziness. He didn't promote the product enough..or did their product not find its market? Their bankruptcy is his fault? I don't think so. Shouldn't that company have promoted its own product? How was one man in charge of all the marketing for the company? That sounds like complete incompetents managed that company.

  • What the Duck Dynasty clan does should not enter into American courts. Let them squabble smongst themselves.

    As Duck Dynasty continues to lower to United States overall IQ, the cast of this TV debacle now feel they have to branch out, merchandise themselves and sell cheaply made goods made in China while purporting to be flag loving patriots. To suggest their in-fighting needs to be handled in a lawsuit in a US court is an insult to the American people.

  • Uncle Si's Ice Tea Lawsuit Ungrounded

    Uncle Si's Ice Tea should immediately drop the lawsuit against Duck Commander because it is a classic example of lawsuit abuse. Attempting to cash in, Uncle Si's Ice Tea has secured representation, also with dollar signs in their eyes, to sue successful Duck Commander. Duck Commander is sticking to the agreed upon push of their advertisers. Uncle Si's Ice Tea filed for bankruptcy due to the fact the public does not like their product. In a series as successful as Duck Commander, the truth is a worthy product briefly would have to be mentioned to take off.

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