Should the making of the movie 'A Dog's Purpose' be shut down while accusations of animal cruelty are being investigated?

  • Yes, the movie should be shut down while it is investigated.

    Yes, the making of "A Dog's Purpose" should be shut down while the animal cruelty is investigated. Animal cruelty is a serious offense, and nobody should look away and let it possibly continue because it is happening on a movie set. No animals should be harmed for any reason, and any incidence of animal abuse should be investigated and taken seriously.

  • Yes, production should be shut down.

    Production of the movie, 'A Dog's Purpose', should be shut down until accusations of animal cruelty can be investigated. Animal cruelty in movie production should not be tolerated. Maybe the accusations are totally fabricated but for the sake of the animals, the accusations should be taken seriously. Most movie goers love seeing dogs in films but they want to know that the dogs were treated well.

  • That's horrendous, it should be shut down.

    How can a production crew in 2017 let animal abuse take place on the sets? Filming cannot take place while the investigation is underway, who is going to be responsible if the abuse continues in the meantime? Animals have rights too and they deserve to be treated properly when we humans make them do outrageous things such as acting in movies.

  • They can continue to work.

    There are people who are going to have a problem with any person ever working with an animal in an entertainment capacity. This might not really be about animal cruelty, but instead about people wanting to control other people. The work should go on if and until any accusations can be sustained.

  • It doesn't make sense to shut down a movie's production simply due to accusation of cruelty to animals.

    Sure, the investigations of the accusations of animal cruelty should go on, but that doesn't mean that the production of a movie should be shut down because of that. I believe that the shutting down of "A Dog's Purpose" simply due to these investigations could lead to the shuttting down of many other movies, whether they're in the process of production, or are already in existence, and that would be no good for democracy, at all.

    Posted by: mplo

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