Should the Malay Audience in the Saudi Arabia FC vs Malaysia FC match be punish because of creating a riot against the Arabs???

  • I have a lot of reasons.........Take makes sense

    I'm a Malaysian at here, but I'm in the scene that time, I have my reasons

    1. It was just a game, if you can't control yourself because of a game, don't expect that people will not insult your race, I'm not Racist at here, just telling the truth, calm down, it is just a game.

    2. These Malay Audience are actually Cheating, by creating a riot in the middle of the game, since Saudi Arabia FC score 2-1 Malaysia, the Audience start to piss off, and start throwing smoke bombs, flares, and even seats, in order to make Saudi Arabia lose, this is cheating online Debaters.

    3. They even brings weapons along with them, they do realise that the Saudi Arabia seats have children in there, and doing this is just Physical-Abuse, to Saudi Arabia.

    4. They even destroy The Arabs Cars, this is a game about football, their cars have nothing to do with them.

    5. Now, Every country know Malaysian do this, so it makes Malaysia being "Tease" by other people, so those Audience think about winning only, they never think about the countries "Dignity" and "Shame" so, as a Malaysian me, I'm Chinese, no worries.

    6. I would like to say sorry to Saudi Arabians because our Angry Malay friends creating a Riot that freaks you out. So I don't want to talk more about this topic, because it's the Malaysia most shameful moments, so sorry, and if you want say anything, go ahead, feel free to say things.

    Love Saudi Arabia, wish you people a good life.

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arrivingdragon250 says2015-09-10T12:58:04.670
Sorry, I'm not in the scene that time