• It's not about HER BODY; it's about the baby.

    As a woman I believe it is my choice to do what I want with my body, which includes telling a man to use a condom or choosing to take birth control. As women it is our job to decide who, when, where, and HOW (which includes the conditions of protection). It may be our BODY but it is also HIS BABY. Bottom line, if you do not want him telling you what to do with YOUR BODY then you should not let him put HIS BABY in it.

  • Yes.

    A woman is an individual herself; however, the baby doesn't solely belong to her. A male cell was needed to create that baby—thus, the father should have as equal rights to the baby as the mother. It would be unfair to leave all the decision-making to the woman. That would be a bit selfish.

  • Yes, the child is also his

    A man should have a strong say in a woman's abortion because he took part in the contraception of the child and therefore the child is as much his as it is hers. It is not fair to not allow him to take part in the decision. A child means as much to a father as it does to a mother.

  • It's her body.

    He can't tell her what to do with it. I know when it comes to a child, yes it is his as well but it is her body and she has a right to do whatever she wants with it. That's ridiculous, why would a man have any say so as to what a woman wants to do with herself?

  • It's About Bodily Autonomy

    Men do not get a say in a woman's abortion, because only she has the right to say what goes on regarding her body. In any other situation, we do not allow other people to interfere with people's medical decisions. The same principles should apply here. Because a man does not carry a fetus, he does not get the say in any decision a woman may make.

  • No

    Every man should have a say in every pregnancy in which he is carrying the baby. If the fetus is currently growing in your body then you have every right to determine whether of not it is carried to term. Likewise, for every fetus which is growing inside the body of another person the decision has nothing to do with you.

  • It's my body...

    Is it a man's sperm that fertilizes the egg in a woman's womb? Yes. Is the man the one that carries the child to term for 9 months? No. Until a child is born, the fetus is a part of her and she is the one who has the final decision on what should be done to her body. She knows herself best both physically and psychologically.

  • His choice was at conception

    If she wants to have an abortion or not it is not longer the man's decision. It is her body and she gets to decide what to do with it. His choice was whether or not to sleep with her. He does not get to choose what happens to her body afterwards.

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