Should the marginalized, The constantly bullied or those suffering under systemic oppression have a right to be rebellious/vengeful?

Asked by: Luciano700
  • Yes! Justice must always be served

    Constant harassment, Marginalization, Social rejection, Threats and of course, Violence, Can lead to a person developing depression, Anxiety, Lack of self-confidence and motivation, Constant checking for validation of others and of course, A low self-esteem.

    To wait until the final blow comes into play means probably being dead or being left out in the streets.

    Is 2019, We need to all get along. Let's all stop being cliche and tribalistic, I get that we are social animals, But that doesn't mean we can't reduce our in-group biases and control our tensions and conflicts as a species. There is a reason the concept of ''acting civilized'' is more talked about than ever. If a person is not hurting you, Treat them with respect and dignity please! You are doing the world an obvious, But HUGE favor.

  • Yes, Why the hell should a person have to keep dealing with his or her evil enemies for?

    Are you gonna wait until the perpretator lynches you or puts you in a toilet? How is no the winning option? Are you out of your minds? People suffer everyday and don't have access to the right safety or empowerment programs. Bullying, Opression, Criminal activity, Any form of evil deserves direct and instant action. Are we really valuing emotional competence over safety now? What has the world come to?

  • Yes I will oppose bullies.

    Some bully tried to touch me and I grabbed his hand and overpowered him, The bully was humiliated and never tried anything on me.
    There are sick sociopaths that seek to harm others. They will find any target that is vulnerable. You have to stand up and oppose them or they will walk over you.
    You do not have to hurt them but you cannot be silent and let them have their way. No one will help you. Look at all the genocides in history. No one will help them and your best chance is to fight back so they back off.
    There was a boy who was dunked in a toilet. He told the principle and the principle chuckled and let the bully go unpunished. That bully became a mayor. You cannot let those sick bullies win you must take action. Not violent action but something to regret messing with you.

  • There isn't a benefit

    Becoming vengeful and rebellious against a bully would only give a bully more reason to fight with you. What goes around comes around applies here. The bully bullies you, You take rebellious action, The bully comes back with even more and you go at it with even more. It's not going to end. There are so many other ways to stop this cycle, And vengeance would only breed more.
    The cycle doesn't always end up like that but that's generally what happens. Bullies want you to get angry.

  • Everyone can fit into that category in one way or another.

    All races, All non-religious, All religious, All creeds, All parties and all sexes are marginalized in one way or another by another group. What people need to do is live their lives regardless of what others judge or say within the laws of the land. There are always going to be bullies, Haters and general accusers who put everyone in boxes and judge them. The world is never going to be fair and people need to develop a strong sense of self and be prepared for it. There is no need for retaliation or revenge as that makes us no better then our oppressors.

  • I have to say no because of the subjective nature of the question

    Too many who claim to be oppressed aren't really oppressed. It's all in their imagination. This is true mainly in the U. S and other western countries. True oppression does exist, But mainly in the Middle east, Asia, And Africa. The people in those various countries have the right to stand up against their oppression, Because they suffer from REAL oppression. Those on western countries don't know what real oppression is. Systematic oppression in western countries is not real. It doesn't exist. There is no gender gap. There is no "systematic racism" against non-whites or women. Immigrants are not oppressed. Those who enter the country illegally are breaking the law. Sending them back to their own countries is not "oppression". They're criminals. When you knowingly and intentionally break the law, You are a criminal. This is what illegals are.

  • I really do wish I could say both at the same time, But I say do it only in moderation

    Here's the thing about wanting vengeance, It only makes your opponents look more reasonable and gives them impression that you don't want to be treated how you wish to be treated. I am not saying to not feel concerned about your safety or well-being at all, I am just trying to be moderate about trying to give an attitude if you feel threatened or in danger. There's also cared based ethics vs justice based ethics to look at. May all people live with dignity, Respect and enjoy a life free from danger, Tyranny and disrespect.

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