• Fairness for retailers and tax paying citizens.

    The problem is the tax is already due. On your state income tax there is a line for Internet purchases that no one puts any amount. Well news for all you tax evaders, with the increase of computing power, states will now have the ability to see who has not been paying their fair share of taxes and start going after those people through audits. Why not avoid the headache and just pay the tax that is due up front?

  • Close the Loophole

    I am tired of voting to shoot down my local and state government asking to float bonds for more budget money for schools, maintenance and civil projects. Close the tax loopholes so that the local governments have the money they need to operate. This will make things better for consumers in the long run.

  • E-Commerce Wins Again

    Freely available modern technolgies seamlessly automate sales tax processing for Internet merchants eliminating legacy administrative burdens providing greater efficiencies and profitability. Internet merchants will be forever freed from unnecessary audits and individual States' Nexus laws. Processing sales tax is now much much simpler than dealing with shipping. Pass the MFA!

  • Yes, it is only fair that retailers everywhere pay sales tax.

    When we go shopping at a brick and mortar business, we are obligated to pay sales tax on most, if not all items we purchase. The Marketplace Fairness Act will regulate the process of paying sales tax with purchases made on the Internet as well as in person. All businesses are accountable for paying taxes.

  • Yes, Marketplace Fairnes Act supports local state revenues and enterpreneurs

    Laws have obligatory power against all persons and legal entities. Empowering local authorities to tax out of the state businesses on their revenues incurred in the respective state will provide the local authorities with additional finds to support local community initiatives and improve state services. The law will also help the local small businesses and small scale local entrepreneurs to become more competitive.

  • Yes, it should.

    I think it won't be the burden that many people thought it would be years ago. The biggest argument against it was that it would hurt small business cause they would have to figure out all the different tax laws. Today there is a huge world of technology that would be able to do that for them

  • Tax Loopholes For Consumers

    The passing of the Marketplace Fairness Act is only going to hurt consumers and small businesses, mostly the consumers. This is one of the only tax loopholes that most Americans can participate in and I don't think we should be in a hurry to correct this. The big loopholes for corporations should be fixed first.

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