• They deserve a second chance

    I don't think that what happened weeks ago is a valid reason to close this meat factory permanently. It is just a matter of verifying if they are doing things right this time and just give them a second chance because everybody deserves a second chance in this tough world,

  • Yes, the Chinese meat factory should reopen.

    Yes, the Chinese meat factory should reopen. Spending more time to inspect the factory may not be more effective in stopping bad meat from reaching the market. China seems to be reacting to the worldwide outrage with regard to the bad meat from the factory. There may be more issues in the future however they will likely not be due to the factory opening too soon.

  • McDonald's Meat Factory in China SHould Stay Closed

    After the atrocious discoveries behind McDonald's meat products, the meat factory should remain closed until stringent regulations are placed in the industry. McDonald's should consider bringing its meat production factories into the United States where regulations are stricter on the handling of meat. The scandal should be a lesson learned for major fast food corporations.

  • No, the meat factory supplying McDonalds should not be opened yet.

    The problems found at the meat factory supplying McDonalds in China were of sufficient severity to warrant further closure. There hasn't been enough time to investigate all of the issues and how they were allowed to happen. The health and safety of the public is serious and should not be taken lightly.

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