• It's not right.

    We have freedom of speech and press for a reason. We need to know what is happening around the world. Every day the American people are suffocated with news that doesn't matter: Celebrity gossip, fashion tips, and sensationalized stories. All the important information is shoved to the back corners of headlines.

  • It should be censored

    Because it is showing every thing that increases their trp rating.They doesn't bother what they are showing.It is known that indian media is the most corrupt media in the world.For example a channel named tv9
    brings the person to the live and make him scolds who hates him.It is like a useless piece of shit.I strongly recommend that media should becensored

  • Not safe for everyone

    Hi, My name is Mahesh. I know many things can be shown in the media, But I recommend not. There would be many people who watch the media. Even children would be watching some scenes which are wrong. What if they adopt it? Even the elders citizens would feel weird.

  • Life Isn't Censored So Why Should Media Be?

    I want to know the truth of what's going on. I don't watch the news anymore because I am so sick of thing that aren't as important get blown up and very important thing shoved to the side. I don't get why they censor it because in life we don't have a censor button...

  • It shouldn't be, but it is...

    Well, okay, not entirely. Mainstream media is anyways. But that's the problem. There are so many important stories that get pushed to the side every day; ie: The debate on Net Neutrality vs. The Super Bowl halftime performance. If most news outlets covered real stories that affected people instead of covering the latest episode of some reality show, we might actually bring some real sense to the news.

    And, no, the media shouldn't be censored

    Posted by: S.K
  • I have a right to express myself

    Hi, my name is John Q. Example. I'm a guy who set up a website that is ambiguously anti-government. Every day, I do front-line stories about waste, abuse of power, and whatnot. Suddenly, I am shut down by the media censors because I messed with the wrong politician.
    The power to censor the media would be too easily abused.

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