Should the media be held responsible for the dissemination of incorrect or biased information?

  • I am sick of the mainstream media say it is accurate.

    The alphabet media, Says they are telling the truth along with various newspaper articles, Like the NYT an WP. They are always lying, You can look up what really happened but it is never the truth. Like CNN saying the BLM & Antifa is mostly peaceful and in the background, Buildings are on fire. MSMBC & CNN & Company always cover Democrat talking points. They lied about Covid, They cover for Biden and Harris and still make stuff up about Pres, Trump, And his supporters, It is wrong. If your the news then be NEWS or change your name to "we only cover-up stories for the Democrats, So that the people cannot know the truth. Even Fox does this. They lie all but Fox on what is happening at our Southern Border. They lie about BLM & ANTIFA yet cry me a river over the Oath Keepers or the Proud Boys. They sit there on their high horse trying to tell the American people how racists we are. Don Lemon goes home to his White boyfriend. They refuse to cover fairly the election interference, It is all about what they think and feels and Never about the Truth. It was never an Insurrection. The American people wanted to see our President. No one bought guns. If we wanted to take back the "Peoples House" we could very easily. They do not report accurately, And they only care about Democrat talking points. It is sick and disgusting. They make the people feel like hey they live in the real world like They understand or even know how American's feel. They don't tell you about which states are these supposed Sancturay states, Or like MI has 5 sanctuary Cities. They just make stuff up. They Brian wash the dumb down people are trying to cover for the DNC and the Dark money. They wonder why WE the People do not trust them. They do not even understand a " Trump-Supporter" and they openly hate all republicans. Well, They should be held accountable and stop making stuff up. We are not all Racists because we are white yet the more they shove it down my throat, The more I am becoming one. Tell the Truth or do not call yourself the News!

  • The press is no longer reliable or unbiased.

    I have been watching the White house briefings regularly and have seen first hand how they misquote and twist the information given them. They act like bloodthirsty wolves towards President Trump. They always try to inject lies and instead of asking questions they act like vicious prosecutors. They should be held accountable and be prosecuted for sedition against the United States. Anyone who has ever watched these pack of wolves during any gaggle or when the president or one of his staff is attacked by them can see the bias and hate they have for him.

  • Absolutely, They should be held accountable for misinformation

    Recently various news outlets have published "projected" presidential election results, This is misleading to the public, As elections are far from over. People rely on information they seek from the mainstream news outlets, Publishing "projected" results is downright irresponsible and dangerous. In doing so not only influences the election outcome, It interferes with the election process. As such they should be held accountable in doing so to the greatest extent of the law.

  • The U. S. Media has largely become a propaganda machine not news outlet

    The biased news reporting by most U. S. Media outlets rivals what we have scorned about communist and 3rd world government controlled news sources. Opinions are one thing but news reporting should be just "report the news" don't make the news. If America is going to continue as a free country our news outlets cannot be controlled by one party leaning corporations bent on moving their agendas forward.

  • The media should not justify criminality.

    For the last couple of months protests have turned violent in many occasions causing destruction of cities, Citizens businesses and about a dozen murders directly related to riots mostly exacerbated by hate directed towards law enforcement justified by the media, The media has ignored anything that would look bad for the leftist movements as murders, Violence against the police and destruction of government and private property, They should be held accountable for being complacent and pretty much promoting violence.

  • Professionals need to responsible

    In nearly any other industry profession such engineering, Health, Building, Farming etc, People are held responsible for the product they create and that is because poor products or services can badly effect people. Why are journalists different? Why can a journalist use a headline that in now way actually represents the facts of the story but justify it by saying that headlines grab attention or sex sells? Why can a journalist criticize a food product about false details yet a journalist can provide false facts or half truths to support their storied?

  • We can decide for ourselves

    I don't want my children to grow up in a world were they are told what to think. The media should have a responsibility to provide facts so we can make up out own minds.

    Opinions sold as fact is indoctrination. We live in a free country and apparently that means the media can publish any story they believe in, Leave out the ones they don't and the people of this country have no choice. A free country apparently only applies to those who control an audience because those of us who have our own mind want to make up. Our own mind based on the facts are rarely given them.

    The mainstream media these days is no different to Suazzane on facebook. She can tell me that she supports a labour government and hates Nigel Farage. The press needs to be regulated because our children are currently only provided with one side of the story. Were is the freedom in that.

  • We are not a communist nation

    When democratic official leave washington they are often hired by the mainline news or run dems campaign while in washington they leake news to hurt anyone they disagree with to the point of destroying lives with blatent lies its a shame you can elect ted to congress and have a right to lie to congress the know it and repeat the lies on the news for years

  • Media is very bias tords Trump and his supporters. It's very obvious

    The left wing Bias MEDIA are the reason we are in such bad shape. The only have reported fear and lies to promote there agenda. Look at what they did to Judge Kavenouh, He was guilty before anything was even almost proven. All the woman hate groups protested and just acted fools. The woman didn't even know when or where it supposedly happen not to mention al the other fake reports that came out. Now a more legedament case has came out against BIDEN and they want tort on it. All the women groups are silent, Maslisa Malono is even silent. Total media bias. Trump has been under fire by fake news since before he was president, Just total bullshit. You let a Republican do anything and they want to line them up and shoot them but a DEMICROOK can do whatever they want and the media just covered it up. . The left hate Trump and all they do is try and hurt him. . . Well I hate the media, I don't believe a f***ing word they say and finally the American people are catching on to the media bias and the two tear JUSTICE system we have. The media would love nothing more than our country to burn to the ground. . . F**k THE MEDIA

  • Bedrock of Democracy

    Freedom of the press does not mean that the press opinion should be the news of the day, It should only be reporting the facts that can be substantiated. There is a saying “opinions are like assholes’ and everyone has one. ” There is another saying “that the truth will set you free. ” The press should report facts not make news. If you are truly a journalist then you will know who said this, “To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful. ”

  • It up to us, the general public

    The media has a job. To inform, entertain and persuade. And it up to us to set our own beliefs and ethics, in what WE think is right or wrong. Why cant we see the media as a person with different beliefs? Its important to know that wars have not been caused by the media but by people with wrong mentality and thinking that use the opinion of one for their advantage of starting a war.

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