Should the media be held responsible for the dissemination of incorrect or biased information?

  • Mainstream media insult Americans by feeding them fake disinformation.

    Americans realize that media works on clicks they get, I get it that you must serve what is popular. It's the WAY YOU PRESENT IT in the self serving manner that you do. We realize also that you want to make a billion dollars for each shareholder also. But you must be RESPONSIBLE! I you serve US, And we will serve YOU. Or you can continue the way that you are, And your ratings will go down, And you will go down. President Trump will help us achieve this.

  • Yes media should be held accountable

    The news media is very biased and feed out false information
    and should be called out on it and punished. They are doing
    a disservice to the people and create a false narrative. It is
    not proper journalism.The public cannot make an informed
    decision on misleading information and deliberate bias.

  • Yes they should be

    Media is the mass communication in the world is helps us know and relate with our friends they should be responsible if the make any mistakes they are the people who reports the right opinion some media are there which give us wrong information they should be raced by the people the life is difficult without media in the new generation

  • Yes it should be held accountable

    Because so many people take it to heart and as fact when it's completely false and some media was actually funded by the government who do you think that establishment wood support the media should be for the people. The only unbiased Media we have in this country is talk radio

  • Yes, the media should be held responsible.

    I definitely think that the media should be held responsible for the dissemination of incorrect or biased information. I think that the media operates way to callously these days without any consequences when they report a news that turns out to be inaccurate or false. I think they need to face fines and penalties.

  • Yes they should

    In the 24 hour news cycle where they are always looking for the new story and trying to be the first to report on it, new media does need to be responsible for what they are reporting. Mistakes do happen, but they need to be held responsible when they disseminate wrong information.

  • To A Point

    I believe the media should be held responsible for the dissemination of incorrect and biased information. This did not use to be an issue with media in the past, as they were generally very good about checking facts and keeping things honest. This isn't the case now, unfortunately. I think they should be held responsible to whatever degree it takes them to produce better work. They're definetely slack at this point and time.

  • They have a duty.

    Yes, the media should be held responsible for dissemination of incomplete or incorrect information, because they owe a duty to the public to get it right. Reporting incorrect information could have a terrible effect on a person who is the subject of rumors and gossip. We could react poorly as a community.

  • It up to us, the general public

    The media has a job. To inform, entertain and persuade. And it up to us to set our own beliefs and ethics, in what WE think is right or wrong. Why cant we see the media as a person with different beliefs? Its important to know that wars have not been caused by the media but by people with wrong mentality and thinking that use the opinion of one for their advantage of starting a war.

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