Should the media be independent (yes) or guided by a political party/idea/personality etc. (no)?

Asked by: martinos5
  • FOR Media "Independence"

    The way the "question" was phrased made it impossible to correctly answer yes or no, so as the first debater of the subject matter I proclaim that the "PRO" stance is in favor of media independence.

    To answer the question: ideally, the media should be independent and non-partisan. It should not affiliate with any political party, candidate, philosophy or agenda. In the ideal world, the media would be completely free of any bias. This is a good thing. If every article in the news and every broadcast on public television was not biased or slanted towards the right or left, up or down, people would more easily be able to distinguish between fact and fiction. For example, those in favor of controversial laws like the ACA are not likely to report about facts that go against their beliefs, and those in favor of repealing the ACA are not likely to report about facts that support the ACA. If all news institutions were unbiased and reported only pure facts with no opinions or subjective conclusions, the common people would more easily be able to decide for themselves which way they stand on the issue and it would be easier to discern between "right and wrong."

    I realize that if all media was independent, we would inevitably lose much of the constructive debate that occurs when different viewpoints clash. An independent media would easily make up for this loss of debate by better educating people through objective, fact-based reporting.

    Realistically speaking, we realize that it is not possible to create a society where all media is objective or "independent," because people's own viewpoints and ideologies almost always arise in their writing and speech no matter how much they attempt to objectivize their reporting or broadcasting.

  • FOR propaganda and brainwashing

    Title overstates it, but so long as it is apparent from which point of view the ideas are coming from, it helps to interprets the events. At every point, there will be someones point of view used to interpret the events. Now, if there were an balanced quantity of news from both points of view, it would be easier to hear more stories and different views.

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