Should the Media be Obliged to Report News More Fairly

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  • Unbiased media is the need of the hour

    The media makes or breaks. More often than not, the mind of the common man is shaped by how the media reports the happenings around the globe. Also, it is just human nature that we believe something that is being told all over, especially when through a mass mode of communication.
    So when this relay of information is wrong or opinionated, the media drives home the part of the story they want the people to believe; which is by all means wrong as every individual has the right to shape his/her own personal opinions about worldly matters. Especially when it comes to politics, he/she must be able to form an independent opinion of the candidate in question without being influenced.
    Certain media powerhouses sensationalize the news, which is though not quite appropriate, its fine as long as they report the facts and the facts alone.
    It is in fact the moral responsibility of all media houses to represent news as it is without any biases.

  • People have the right to be aware of what is going on.

    Whenever media gives out false information people are left only to live in ignorance, they go off of what news anchors feel they think that it's a reliable source. When in fact it isn't. You cant trust much of anything that you find on social media or the internet, research and find out the truth for yourself.

  • It's sick how politicians have to pander to a biased media

    I live in Britain and there's a general election going on at the moment, and the amount of awful, biased reporting is actually stomach turning. Whilst some newspapers are outright left or right wing - bashing any opposing politician and twisting their words beyond measure - others are subtly full of crap. It's not about which side you're on - all of the papers horrify me at the moment, I can't bel

  • The media lies.

    The media has outright lied for sensationalism and click-bait in the past, many, many times. Most of the time when sites like Cracked debunk these articles, the sites fail to withdraw them, and they remain, posted as the truth. Someone deliberately lied for those, and I think that is unacceptable. With even minimal amounts of fact-checking, instances like this could be avoided. It is said that journalism is the first draft of history, and we need to make sure it's truthful.

  • I hope this post has been JUST posted...

    Unless by the term "media" you're referring to Fox (who won the LEGAL right to report lies in 2004 and is co-owned by a Saudi prince) the answer is a resounding YES! It's so difficult to get the unbiased news, when they give them they're often colored by political opinion.

  • Truth is golden

    The media can make one situation look completely different depending on there opinion. A liberal news network can make someone or something look completely different than a conservative one. The news should be reported MORE fairly it doest have to be just stats and numbers but ALL the facts should be told to let the views come up with there own opinion.

  • Media should not be obliged to report news more failry

    Media should not be obligated to report news more fairly because it takes away the different point of views. Without the different point of views we are not able to see all the different thoughts and opinions of the subject at hand. Media should be allowed to report how they want, that is why there are a lot of different media outlets to take in.

  • News should be fair

    The reason why I said no, is because the reason why people watch the news is because it has became entertaining. Fox News in entertaining for people that don't want to here the full story. CNN makes everything dramatic. MSNBC is basically a liberal fox news. People like you or me are in the minority. If you really want facts, listen to public radio.

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