Should the media be penalized for profiting from tragedies like Scott Weiland's OD?

  • Honesty over profit.

    What would you rather watch on T.V., reports of various people like government officials do the job they were paid to do, or speculations about them doing something wrong? Sure, you may SAY you would rather have everyone lead a moral productive life but odds are, if they reported just that, you would quickly change the channel for something more interesting. No, I am not saying the viewing public is to blame because keeping watch for possible trouble is a natural survival skill. The large empty plane is not as important as the noise coming from behind the tree. Sure, the noise could be nothing or it just might be someone out to kill you so you must react like it is a real threat.
    It's one thing to have a natural suspicion of the unknown but it's another to profit from it and even worse to make something from nothing for profit.
    Every year, the media has leaned more an more towards speculated controversy over known facts. Lately, the biggest story in the media has been alleged bad police officers. Instead of getting both sides of the story, they jump on the side of controversy.
    Every time someone dies or is harmed by the police, they paint the alleged victim to be a saint and the police department as the villain. Case in point: the death of Michael Brown. The media was all too quick to put Dorian Johnson in front of their cameras even tho just about everything he said was proven to be false. Then the used photos of Brown in his cap and gown, or hanging out with family, claiming he was a "gentle giant". When it came to the officer (Wilson), they made speculative claims that the shooting was out of racism. Because of the media's actions, the whole case tried by a public who only heard or only paid attention to, one side. As a result, there was only one outcome that many people would accept, a murder conviction. To them, it didn't matter if he was innocent, he was already guilty in their minds. When the grand jury decided not to continue to trial, instead of accepting it that he was innocent, the public went into riots claiming that he must have been protected by other corrupt officials. In all this, where was the media? Fanning the flames for more drama. Obviously, this is not the only case nor is it unique to police. The public wants controversy and the media is all too willing to provide.

    I am not saying that bad police officers don't exist, just that before we make such judgement, we should hear both sides without bias.

    I also want to state how in the past, various reliable news sources looked down upon the gossip rags like the National Enquirer but today the line between has gotten very blurry as speculations take the place of fact checking.

  • Yes, they should

    The media should only focus on reporting the news. The media today seems to be more focused on profiting and not simply telling unbiased news. The Scott Weiland OD was a trajegy that no one should attempt to profit from. Rather, the media should focus on reporting the news and doing it correctly.

  • No, I do not think the media should be penalized for profiting from tragedies but should be respectful.

    I do not think the media should be penalized for profiting from tragedies. In my opinion, I think that as long as the media does it in a way that is respectful to the person they are writing about, it is ok. However, I do not think the media should be able to do it in a way that humiliates someone or causes more pain for family and friends of the victim. Although when you are in the public eye, unfortunately parts of your life become public.

  • No they should not

    The media does go overboard with a lot of their stories the majority of the time, but that is their job and they should not be penalized for doing their job. If people don't want bad things that they do to be public information then maybe they shouldn't be doing them. People often learn from tragedies such as this and maybe the media making a story out of someone's OD will save the life of another person.

  • The media is just doing its job

    In order for the public to know what's going on quickly, the media is a necessary entity. If there is profit made then so be it. They have to keep the network going somehow. If we removed the media we would not be able to get to the heart of the story from people that were at the scene, that can give a more emotional take on what just happened. You need reporter boots on the ground for that, which in turn brings in the cash from sponsors. That's just the way the system is set up. It is truly capitalism at its best.

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