Should the media be punished for mislabeling semi-automatic, tactical rifles as "assault rifles" on a regular basis?

Asked by: Rmen99
  • They are providing false information as facts in order to reach a political goal.

    Assault rifles by definition are "a rapid-fire, magazine-fed automatic rifle designed for infantry use" which is far from what ARs and the other tactical rifles on the market are. First off, when the media is broadcasting a story on AR-15s or something, they always show a picture of the one people can buy, then show footage of cops firing fully-automatic M4s with the notion that they are the same rifle. This is very far from the truth and it's manipulating the majority of the population. Also, they say the AR-15 was "born on the battlefield", another false statement. Despite popular belief, the AR-15 predates the M16, as it was originally developed by Arma-lite (which is what AR stands for) as a "futuristic" sporting rifle. It became the M16 when the military took the design and made it into an automatic weapon. As for infantry use, literally any weapon can be used for infantry use so lets avoid that. Now that I've established what an assault rifle is and what a AR-15 is let me get to the point. Every-time the media labels an AR or some other gun an "assault rifle" they are manipulating a large portion of the population that previously didn't have a stance on guns to disapprove of them. Simply having a stance on something may not seem harmful, but every negative statement that is taken as fact is extremely harmful to gun shop owners and manufacturers. The media slanders these people as violent war-mongers that want anarchy and want every man, woman, and child with a gun so they came make money from the fighting. This couldn't be farther from the truth, while gun owners do want to make money like everyone else, they don't do it so people can die at the hands of their creations, they do it because it is what they enjoy. True assault weapons are already banned, this mislabeling is crossing the line and is simply propaganda that is attempting to reach a political goal.

  • Yes, it's propaganda

    Loaded terms like "assault weapons" scare people and mislead them. Pew research did a poll, and asked people if they thought "assault weapons" should be legal. It showed that(not surprisingly) people were against them. Then they asked if "semi-auto rifles" should be permissible, and it was a resounding YES.
    So i think the media has an agenda, on more than one issue. For what reasons i don't know. I wouldn't trust the media as far as i can throw them though.

  • The 1st amendment

    Freedom of the media. Lying is a freedom whether you like it or not. Free speech only works if it's allowed for everyone. As Dr. Ron Paul puts it - “We don’t have freedom of speech to talk about the weather. We have the first amendment so we can say very controversial things.”

  • Not by Punishment

    They DO however deserve to be humiliated by such stupidity. Trying to indoctrinate citizens into believing the "SCAWY WOOKING" rifles are significantly more dangerous than your "standard" semi auto rifles is PURE stupidity.

    Fun fact: the worst mass shooting in the world was NOT committed by your idea of an "assault weapon"


  • No, Not Punished

    For the record, I do agree that the term "assault rifle" is a term that is thrown around and misconceived quite a bit. Anti-gun groups are especially guilty of this, and use the term as a buzzword to identify these weapons as the target of legislation. However, I don't think it would be beneficial to punish groups for using the term. You can correct them, and even challenge them on it, but punishing these groups would only give them more to oppose, and even make martyrs of some.

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USN276 says2015-09-16T03:37:01.727
I get where you're coming from Rmen. It pisses me off a lot too but the media has a right to mislead stupid people in the country. I'd say this is the #1 thing I can't stand from Democrats and the media