• Paparazzi should not be able to intrude on a person's privacy.

    Paparazzi should not be allowed to intrude on a celebrity's privacy in a manner that makes them feel unsafe. It should be illegal for a paparazzi to continue taking pictures and asking rude questions of a celebrity once the celebrity has made it clear they want them to stop. It is harassment.

  • Yes, the media should give celebrities more privacy.

    Celebrities, even though they have chosen a lifestyle that is very public, should definitely have more privacy. The media currently does not give them much privacy at all. Just take a look at any tabloid type magazine, which is filled with photos of celebrities doing mundane, everyday things such as going out to dinner, going shopping, going to the grocery store, and even coming out of a bathroom stall. There is no reason that I need to see Kim Kardashian pushing her grocery cart. I really do not need to see what Jennifer Lopez looks like after she works out. Celebrities should be able to carry on their everyday lives without constant intrusion from the media.

  • The media should stay away from celebrity homes.

    Celebrities are public figures and, when in public spaces, fair game for media. Stories of paparazzi hiding in trees or flying over celebrity homes in helicopters with super telescope lenses in order to get photos of them in their private homes is crossing the line. Celebrities have a right to privacy in their own space.

  • Yes and no.

    While there has to be a line of human decency, many celebrities thrive of of the media, and throw themselves towards it. Although if a celebrity is persued and their personal information is leaked (by hackin/stalking). Kim kardashian for example needs to have a line of privacy, but she must expect the media to try and intrude her life.

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