Should the media keep reporting about O.J. Simpson, given he is already in jail?

  • Celebrities Brought Down to Size

    OJ Simpson is a murderer. The fact that he wasn't put in jail for life after he murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and her lover is an awful example of our legal system's weakness in certain cases. Cases involving celebrities tend to overwhelm under-funded public legal offices because of the attention. Public offices are simply overwhelmed. OJ Simpson should be held up as an example of how famous people are not exempt from the law, even though he has been exempt from punishment for committing the crime for murder.

  • Yes, if they want to make money.

    The O.J. Simpson car chase and trial was one of the biggest news sagas in American history. It is still talked about today. If media organizations want to remain profitable, they need to report on any major story related to Simpson. Yes, it may not be an important story in the grand scheme of things, especially considering that Simpson is already incarcerated, but, like it or not, journalism is a for-profit business, so these companies need to report it for their own sake.

  • The media should keep recording about the O.J. Simpson case

    The media should keep reporting about the O.J. Simpson case because people are interested in celebrity downfalls. The Simpson case is the opinion me of such a downfall. His case transcended normal justice, and hit on D racial aspects that we are living through today. In many ways, the O.J. case represents

  • The media should stop reporting about O.J. Simpson, given he is already in jail.

    The media should stop reporting about O.J. Simpson, given he is already in jail. Considering that the O.J. Simpson case has already been dealt with by the law the media should let it rest until concrete evidence is found. Reporting on mere speculation further increases the chances of rumor and distorts the clarity of the case.

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