Should the medical profession force-feed anorexics as part of their treatment?

  • Can't understand why not.

    If a man was standing on the edge of a cliff about to jump, you would forcibly restrain him to stop him jumping. I don't see a reason this should be different. Obviously it depends on the specific circumstances and should only be employed in the most extreme circumstances, but if it's a life and death situation, why not?

  • Yes, anorexics need to eat.

    Medical professionals should ensure than an anorexic gets enough calories to sustain life and contribute to healthy weight gain. This should be done by any means necessary. Anorexics have a mental condition that makes them harmful to themselves. They have proven that they can't effectively take care of themselves so the medical professionals should step in.

  • I know somebody who is anorexic and I don't want too lose her.

    It may be inhumane, it may be wrong and unwanted, it could be the work of the devil himself, but honestly I don't care. I'd rather have her see me as a monster who let people force feed her than see her a cold lifeless shell. All you people who say it would be wrong and shouldn't be done, you have absolutely no idea what its like to care about somebody so much and are in the situation of losing them to anorexia. So don't even think for one second that its wrong to save somebody's life, no matter the circumstance.

  • Because they will die.

    It would be negligent of the Doctor to not do everything within his power to prevent the death of a person. I feel that the Doctor's responsibilities should stretch to insuring that a mentally ill patient (because anorexia is a mental illness) has enough food and water to survive.

    Obviously if there are better more long term ways available to make the anorexic better then these avenues should be explored, but in the choice between death by starvation or force feeding, there is only one real solution.

  • If anorexics are on the verge of death, they should be fed, in order to save their lives.

    With the onset of technology, it is important to use what we can to save an anorexic person from death, by use of feeding tools, including feeding tubes. I don't think you can force a person to eat on a daily basis. But, if they are in bad enough shape to be in the hospital or a treatment facility, then they are in bad enough shape to have to intake proper nutrients, so they don't die.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Force feeding an anorexic is traumatic to them., Unless they have entered treatment voluntarily.

    They will feel violated and resent that their "hard work" was sabotaged. It will cause great resentment and possibly suicidal thoughts as they consider the pain it will take to get back to their previous weight .
    If a patient is admitted involuntarily, they are in denial of having a problem. The best course of treatment is education, group therapy, and support groups. It is easier to see the pathology and consequences when observing others. Hopefully, they will begin to see some similarities in their own behavior and become open to change.

  • Anorexia patients should not be force fed

    Anorexia patients should not be force fed because forcing them to eat with tubes is not fixing the disease nor is it setting them up for success in the future. You could insurt a tube into someone but that doesn't mean that that will cure their fear of food. Insulting a tube does not set them up for sucsess in the future because the patient could still be afraid of facing food, throw them into a dinner party and their anxiety and nerves will spike.

  • I say no

    I am anorexic with bulimic tendency.
    When medical field force fed me I panicked and started to get deeper in the disease.

    It made me worse.
    I began taking 35 laxatives a day throwing up and now I have went from one extreme to the other.
    I was anorexic for years.
    Now I'm suffering with bulimia.
    I never dreamed about this ever happening.
    But as soon as I got out I went out of control with my eating disorder.
    No one should be forced..
    They need support.
    If someone is not ready to change it will only make them worse.

    They will do what I did.
    As soon as I left I just went back to my eating disorder.

    I'm totally here for anyone who has a eating disorder.

    I feel for all of you ;)

  • This is so Inhumane!

    Force-feeding these beautiful people could make their condition worse. They have a mental disorder that could kill them. This disorder needs special attention. Force-feeding isn't a part of rehab and never should be! If they are force-fed in rehab, when they get out, they could have a huge relapse, that ends up with them back in rehab. How would you like it if you had a disorder, and someone came and shoved food down your throat?! Just think about that for a while.

  • Hospitals should not have the power to force feed people with anorexia

    Anorexia is mental health issue not a physical one. Being skinny does not necessarily mean that you have anorexia. I have literally lost count of the amount of people that have said “she looks anorexic". That makes no sense whatsoever. Anorexia is an eating disorder that slowly eats away at the persons heart. This is a very serious disorder and needs to be treated psychologically rather than physically.

  • Performing medical procedures, without consent, is wrong.

    Anorexics should be given some leverage in how they are treated. Force-feeding is adverse, at best, and will only compound the guilt and shame that they have about food. People with eating disorders need to be treated with dignity and respect. A much more sound way of treating eating disorders would be an all-inclusive rehabilitative effort, with individual and group therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy can really do some amazing things, so implementing such a program and working slowly towards food goals is a much more humane way of treating eating disorders.

    Posted by: ExoticCurt
  • Medical professionals should not force-feed anorexics, because the patient or person that has the medical power of attorney needs to represent the wishes of their client, and the decisions made should align with those wishes.

    My understanding is that anorexia is not only about food, but about control. Since the anorexic patient already is battling issues of food and control, it seems to me that force feeding is contradictory to a solution, which may indeed heighten the original issues, thereby "doing harm" to the individual.

    Posted by: ThoughtfulRoosevelt53
  • No, I disagree that the medical profession should force-feed anorexics as a part of their treatment, because that could cause more stress and issues, and backfire the entire treatment.

    No, I disagree that the medical profession should force-feed anorexics as a part of their treatment, because that could cause more stress and issues, and backfire the entire treatment. People with issues, like anorexia, have emotional issues, not just physical issues. To force-feed them, I think, would only increase these issues and traumatize the patient. I think they need therapy and other help and information, before being forced to eat. They should be taught the proper way to eat, without gaining too much weight. I think force-feeding is too traumatic and will result in failed treatment. Instead, the patient should be given lessons on dealing with anorexia, and shown methods to help them overcome it.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • No, because they can still reject it.

    They can still throw it up. If you feed them a little bit - like one bite and work your way up - then that won't be force feeding. But shoving down food they don't want to take will only upset them, and they can somehow find a way to still throw it up.

    Posted by: RacialMark95
  • The medical profession should not force feed anorexics because it will only cause more problems in the end.

    Although at times it might feel frustrating and the medical profession might want to force-feed anorexics, it is not a good idea because it just may create a bigger aversion to food then they already have. It also does nothing to solve the actual issue at hand since they are not fixing the underlying problem.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat

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