Should the men's style consisting of a fedora and a matching suit of the 1930s to the early 1960s make a comeback?

  • Yes, of course.

    Suits, in general, just look great. I wouldn't mind wearing one everyday. The suit increases respect amongst your peers, chances of getting a decent job, and confidence. The fedora's nice too and looks great with the suit.

    I feel like I'm all of a sudden a fashion critique after writing this.

  • Suits look good

    Let's be real here: a good looking suit is flat-out awesome. In fact, studies have shown that wearing a suit increases confidence and respect amongst your peers. That respect and confidence makes it easier to find a decent job. Also, suits just look good in general. I wouldn't mind wearing a suit and fedora everyday.

  • Classy and Sexy!!!

    Men look better in quality suits, Sport Jackets and ties and fedoras although not every man can pull the look off. It just seems that in modern society today people just dont give a damn. I wear a suits or jacket and tie everyday not to go to work but because I like to look good but sadly most people just think I am going to work.

  • Of course! Classy is Key!

    It makes me want to shed tears and cry when I look at how out modern society dresses! Oh I'd love to see everyone dressed nicely with pressed suits and polished shoes! It's ridiculous how low class our society is today. The fashion in the 30's was the greatest thing that happened to us as humans! Nowadays people walk around like zombies with their shorts at their knees and junk shoes! Back then people made an effort to look nice, for example Frank Sinatra!

  • I would love that!

    I'm not old at all, but I would just love it if I went into town and all of the men were wearing suits and fedoras. Nowadays, you go out into town and see people wearing tracksuit bottoms halfway down their legs, and it just looks scruffy. When I watch TV programs based in the 50's or so, and everyone is wearing suits and fedoras, it makes me smile because I love that style so much.

    So yes, I 100% agree that the style of the 30's - 60's should make a comeback.

  • Utility is not everything

    The simple fact it is over used means within a few years it will be out of style and the original idea of classy will return. No one complains when a woman wears short shorts because et hey can't carry everything in their pockets. A guy should be able to look good as well

  • Classy, and they serve a purpose.

    Wearing a nice suit with a good fedora has a certain dapper and classy fashion to it. Real men like Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra were never caught without one. Not only to that add a sense of sophistication to a suit, they also serve a purpose. In the winter they help keep the head warm. When it rains it keeps your hair, face, and shoulders dry. In the sun the fedora helps shield the eyes, and head from the UV rays. Styles tend to repeat themselves. If you're thinking about wearing a fedora, don't worry about what other people think, do it because you want to. Besides you have one up with the guy with the cheap suit next to you.

  • Yes cause it's classy!

    A lot of males look dashing in a nice outfit. Sure, some jeans and a t-shirt is pretty sexy too but some clean cut clothes would be nice to check out. In addition, there are a majority of dudes who sag, that is just irritating. However, because it's modern society, fashion designers should modernize this style if people want to stick with modern.

  • Functional and classy!

    Personally, I find there is so much class in wearing a wide-brimmed fedora with a matching suit. I cannot say the same about the jeans and t-shirts I am surrounded by everyday. Men and women alike used to put effort into their casual clothing, but now we look upon such garments as fancy and dressy. However, nowadays it seems fashion has become more about functionality rather than attempting to create a nice appearance.
    What do you guys think?

  • Enough with the fedoras already.

    While I'd be down with the suit -- a good suit is always in style -- the fedora has to go. Every zitty, unkempt, neckbearded Internet dweller suddenly decided a year or two that wearing a fedora would make them unique and mysterious. It's a joke now, a nice fashion style ruined for at least the next 50 years.

  • Fedoras. Are. Repulsive.

    Fedoras may have been "in style" in the 1930-1960's but that is where it needs to stay. Men in modern days where much classier suits than the ones back in the past with the thin ties, and white flannel. Lets face it, fedoras are ugly hats. And the only people I see wearing them now a days are 8 year old's than think they look "cool". So if a grown man wants to say pick up chicks, get a job, or be taken seriously in anyway he better not be caught dead in a fedora looking "cool".

  • Modern Fashion Changes

    Individuals who wear suits everyday along with horrible, cheap looking hats are the epitome of old-fashioned. Old-style, woolen suits are completely useless in terms of utility in modern society. For example, a pair of jeans can hold a phone, wallet, keys, and almost everything you need in the modern life, all while being much, much cooler (both temperature and aesthetically speaking) than any old, stuffy, expensive, unattractive suit. Also, look up Arcteryx, Rick Owens, and Gyakusou if you want functional, cool clothes.

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