• The military should abandon its homophobia.

    Yes, the military should abandon its homophobia. When it comes to protecting the United States, a person's sexual orientation should not matter in the least. Anyone who wants to fight for the country should be able to, regardless of sexual orientation. As long as they are able to do the job that they are supposed to do, that is all that should matter.

  • It doesn't change what they can do

    The gender of who you love does not change the ability to fight. Even if people say that those who are gay are too "feminine" and can't fight as well as others, there are plenty of men that would shock you if you found out they were gay because our typical stereotype is that they are feminine. There are also guys that would suprise you if they weren't gay because they are so feminine, it's not right that we try to tell by their manliness but it's just the way our brains work and it turns out true sometimes. But just because someone is gay does not mean that they can't fight for our country just well as any straight man. It is just the same with women, who you love doesn't effect ability. Besides, if they are wiling to fight for a country that won't even let them get married, props to them for being the bigger person, the military could learn something from them.

  • Yes the Military should Abandon its Homophobia

    From a purely logical standpoint, the military will run out of men to enlist in their army, if they are picky about whom they take. From a ethical standpoint, it is discriminatory to stop a person from serving in the military on personal opinions. The government above all should be an agency to protect and further any persons desire to serve.

  • Homosexuals would mess up their priorities.

    There is a reason that men and women are kept separate for most of the time in a war zone. When two people fall in love, child or adult, they tend to want to put their lover first over everything else.

    Such an idea is great in an idealistic society until you consider the fact that they will very often times put their lover before the war they're trying to fight. In that case, the military has to keep them separate when they're at war as to not let men try to show off to the women or form relationships for reasons described above.

    The problem? Not all gays are 100% gay. In fact, most of them still have a side of them, their "Natural Side", that still likes the feminine body.

    So what "dorm" do you put them in? Not with the men, because if someone else is gay in that area, they'll find them and form a relationship with them.

    You can't put them in the women's area either however, because then straight men might try to pretend they're gay just to get a peek of two. Not to mention the fact that if a gay man's "Natural Side" comes out while he's in the women's area, he'll form a relationship with them and may start sleeping around. Pregnant women can't fight as effectively as others.

    Yet, you can't put them with other homosexuals because they'll form relationships with each other, and that's the exact thing the military's trying to avoid.

    Thus, I rest my case.

  • Majority of People in the Military are Heterosexual.

    You will never convince most of them that gays should be allowed in the military openly. Most of the enlisted that I know, are totally opposed to gays.

    Most of the officers, have to put up with it. This whole gay issued has been shoved down their throats, without the right to vote on.

    Somewhat like gay marriage is being shoved on most Americans, when vote after vote shows that most American are against gay marriage. The most liberal state in the union, California voted against it.

    And, it ain't about equal rights under the constitution.

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