• What About Education?

    I was researching this topic because I have to debate it in class with my best friend on Wednesday. He wants the age to be lowered to 16. I think that’s abseloutly crazy. He’s a radicial consevative who owns and carrys his own guns even though it’s illegal. My number one question from hearing all of this is, what about education?! Does no-one care that we’re allowing and encouraging people STRAIGHT out of highschool with barely any LIFE EXPERIENCE to fight for us and potentially DIE on the battle field? YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO BUY HANDGUNS YET. YOU CAN’T EVEN RENT A CAR. It’s a proven fact that your brain has not devoloped when your eighteen. You should be thinking about college and or trade schools and countining your education when your eighteen. You should be making informed decisions about how to become an educated american. If you raise the enrollment to 21 then you can at least reccieve a degree before going of to battle. Educated americans make great soldiers. Not uneducated children. – Gabriella Fermina, 14

  • You have to be 21 to do everything else anyway.

    You can't drink alcohol until you're 21, you usually can't rent a car until you're 21, you can't even get a concealed carry license until you're 21. Let me put that into perspective; you can sign up to get shot and die before you can legally have your first drink, you can sign up to get shot and die before you can usually rent a car, you can also be trained to use a fully automatic weapon to shoot other people with (and also get shot and die) before you could otherwise concealed carry a pistol. The idea that you can join the military before any of these lesser stepping stones in life is backwards and illogical, not to mention immoral. We're telling our youth that it's better for them to fight to the death than it is to rent a car.

  • Of course it should

    The age of 17 is not an appropriate age to serve in the military ,because you are not even considered an adult. 17 year olds do not have physical capability to withstand the hard conditions war and training have on their bodies and mind, regardless they are still adolescents, we have to let their bodies and mind mature. The appropriate the military should be 21. Most teens who join the military feel like that is their only option in life for them to get somewhere in life, so they join without even having the chance to experience other options in life.

  • Because it should be

    The military drafting age should be raised to 21 because it would make more sense. Think about it. It would make sense. You can't even buy a gun at 18, but yet you can legally shoot a gun if you're in the military. It would be a smarter thing to do.

  • What about your family, friends?

    Are you just gonna leave all behind and go to war and die ???. That’s dump bc people in the age of 18 are not mature enough to go to war bc they don’t have life experience in life so the age should be raised by the government right ?

  • 18 year-olds do not have physical adult bodies either they are still adolescents, like myself.

    I am about to turn 18 and it is obvious that I am physically a teenage boy still and I am not an adult yet. It's more or less a joke for myself to be considered an adult now. I still have a few more years to go before I will be even physically an adult nonetheless mentally. The proof is that I am still growing taller, and I still hardly need to shave my face (my father needs to shave.) I think the kids who joining the military at 17/18 years old are getting a little full of themselves thinking they are ready to go. Even if they think are it isn't a reason to let kids like myself join at this age. The most important fact is that teenagers cannot compete with adults 9/10 of the time. I am on my high school wrestling team and when I wrestle against the coaches they are so clearly stronger and more athletic than I am. However this is not the case when I am wrestling with my peers we compete against each other. I understand that some kids mature very quickly early on and may appear to be adults. But the truth is the average kid like myself and the other high school seniors are not close to being physically adults. If the military needs the best fit capable soldiers, sailors, and airmen they need to be looking in the 24-30 age range. Just look at the professional athletes how many of them are younger than 24?

  • Military age should be raised

    Many students are not making the right decisions with their lives and 18 year old are still mind twisted on whether they should go or not many students today are saying they are going in the military and when they get in the are ready to get out choosing the right decision takes a little bit of time so therefore I think the age shall be raised .

  • Send a child to die before they may even buy a beer. Their brain isn't even formed. They cant get a Commercial drivers license,..

    Absolutely. No reason to send a child to war while they aren't old enough to have a beer, and in some states, buy cigarettes or marijuana. They cant get a CDL and in many circumstances, they are not considered an adult. If they may go die at 18...Then everything else should be changed to 18. It should be one way or the other.

  • Yes we should

    A lot of teens don't make the right decisions and don't know how to take care of themselves, so why should we let them join the military and risk their lives. It is a proven fact that the brain isn't fully developed until the mid 20s and that's when you should you be able to join the military

  • Whenever you finish your higher education

    Since that most people start their higher education during their late teen years(17-19) 18 is the average age of course. Look their nothing wrong start college at a later age. Anyway college last for about 4-8 years, so people shouldn't be in the military until they are about in their early -mid 20s.

  • We should raise the age

    I do not think that it is fair that older people are forcing kids to fight for them because they are to big of a PUSSY to do it themselves. Also all those people that are making kids fight for them against people who are NOT kids but highly trained ADULTS. I think that it would make more since to make grown ups fight grown ups not kids fight grown ups that is just cowardly

  • They can make their own decision

    They are still adults. If they want to be in the army then let them. If you are going to change the age to 21 then you have to change the age of all "age related" mile stones to 21 starting with one is not considered an adult until "21" legally and that goes with all the ramifications.

  • They can make their own decision

    They are still adults. If they want to be in the army then let them. If you are going to change the age to 21 then you have to change the age of all "age related" mile stones to 21 starting with one is not considered an adult until "21" legally and that goes with all the ramifications.

  • Because it shouldn be

    It really shouldnt no one will join, debt is hella bad, and if we get into a war we would have ffar less than we could have so we shouldn't because the cons are far worse than any benefits I jusjt need ab couple more words so please help me.

  • It should not be raised

    I firmly believe with this because I do think that this is our choice. Our military is what protects us and if the age is raised people will join slower and it will become smaller, therefore putting us in danger. I don't have anything more to say so ... Fffjdnofnmosnfc

  • Its my choice

    Sure im to young to drink go to a casino or smoke but im happy to serve my country im 18 and enlisted when i was 17. I think that this is the best job in the world and this is the best country in the world. Even if that means i may lose a limb or my life im proud that i did it to protect what i love and what i believe in and to protect my families rights to live a life they choose not a life that was chosen for them. So no the age shouldnt be raised if i want to serve im going to serve its my choice and and it was an damn good one

  • The age should not be raised!!!

    If the age gets raised then my future will be ruined. My plan is for my senior year in high school talk to some recruiters about joining the Coast Guard. I will get my ship out date for basic training after I graduate high school. If I graduate basic I will serve as long as possible while I’m there I plan to get my marine biology degree so when I get out I will have a career set for me. Please do not raise it to 21 because then all my dreams will be crushed. I have an amazing plan to do with my life so please don’t mess it up. I really want to serve my country and then come out and do what I have a passion for. Yes I might be 15 but I do understand how war works and that I could die in it but I will die being a civilized person at least I’d die fighting for this country and not dying from an overdose.

  • Why most enlist.

    There are plenty of reasons why people decide to enlist in the military, but the main reasons I came across during my years in the army are: Financial, a "way out" or "better life", citizenship, Schooling (which can fall under financial as well) and tradition. Not everyone is in a situation where where their family is financially stable, so people will enlist and send money home to help the rest of their family or it allows them to remove themselves from the situation allowing a bit of financial relief. People also see it as a "way out" meaning its a way for them to get out of their small town or big city and go see the world (well another state at the very least) for some people they have never even been out of the state they were born. Others see it as means for a better life style. Some have had almost nothing their entire lives and the military will provide them with something more than what they had. The citizenship part is self explanatory. People enlist to make the citizenship process so much easier. School was a huge one I came across. Not everyone can pay that tuition for a higher education so the fact you can go to school for free while serving and getting 36 months of paid college afterwords gives people the chance they may never have had to better themselves. Now the whole tradition thing, people see it as a right of passage and in some families there has been a member of the family severing in every generation. But back to the point. If the age of enlistment gets raised to 21 it effects all sorts of people seeing the military as their only means for them and their families. The people who can't afford college now have to take out loans to pay for school until they are 21, Kids will have to work multiple jobs to help their family with finances, and people will have to wait another 3 years before being able to get out see the world and better their life styles. There's a reason why less than 2% of the U.S. population is a Vet. Or Active duty military, because it takes a certain type of person to enlist. So raising the age will only affect a small percentage of 18 year olds and if you have never thought of enlisting and giving up at the least 3 years of your life you shouldn't have a say on this topic because you will probably never volunteer. It should be left to the people that did volunteer and the parents or families of the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

  • No they should

    To all the people that voted yes, they are you stupid. When you're 18 you should have many rights rights to do many stuff and choices so why not you yes voters look in the mirror and point the finger to yourself and learn that people who are 18 can have rights

  • My name is Theo and I think the age limit should stay at 18

    In the military, they look for young people who are in there prime, when they are more healthy etc. that age is 18. We want to make sure that the people we have in the military are able to keep up and survive on the battlefield or the many weather environments that they could be put through. This is also a time when people become adults. We can get our own place, we can vote, we are able to do things that adults are able to do. One of thoese things that adults can do is the military. So when we are 18 we are adults that is another reason why it should stay. Also military helps with getting into collages and having money and getting jobs. 18 yr olds who want to enlist will have a better chance to get in the collage or a scholarship and to have money to buy their own house and anything else adults need to live on their own or with a partner

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