Should the military be able to use hollow points in war?

Asked by: Juris_Naturalis
  • Dumbest rule of war ever.

    Militaries across the world would be so much more effective if they could use hollow points. All it takes is a few quick google searches and you can find loads of stories of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan that will tell you that full metal jackets don't work as effectively in standard NATO calibers as hollow points do. I don't even see this stupid law was made in the first place.

  • We don't need anymore laws

    I am against almost all laws that aren't constitutional and this one is not on the constitution therefore it should not be a law. We are already a socialist country and we are turning communist before our eyes we don't need another law to get us closer to communist. It is crazy that the majority of people on here really think there should be another law added to the billions it feels like we already have.

  • Duh? Why are they illegal?

    Hollow points allow for all of the energy of the round to be dissipated much faster than a normal FMJ round would. Due to this fact, a hollow point round would not only impart more force into the person, causing more internal damage and possibly knocking them over, but furthermore, the aforesaid terminal ballistics allows the round to stop in the attacker, which assures that any innocent people behind the target won't get injured.

  • Defanse support teams

    Yes because they can be prepared for war and stuff like defense to protect the soiety and be rady for war or be stelth and use ther minds and feel seafty for them to come home seaftly and no doubt about what had happen and stays that way the whole tim

  • Because why not.

    Why shouldn't they be allowed they are hilarious. More words to fill the box. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • Should the army use hollow points

    Yes I agree in full force with hollow points its war people its defend your countries your family and all your arguments are invalid I get it we want to be humane but if we don't defend are home then there going to come kill all of you I'm in the army and I don't want a terrorist a Russian a German I don't want anybody to come kill my little girl and do you think there going to be humane when the kick you out of your house and kill you because you didn't want to move there not going to care when you tell them I told the army not to use the better bullets no there going to kill you with the same knife they killed your friends so if you want to be humane go move to Canada and smoke pot with the canooks

  • Hollow points kill instantly!

    Hollow points cause greater trauma on the body than jacketed rounds, if a comrade is killed instantly no soldiers will stop fighting, they will just grieve when the battle is over, but if the person next to you gets hit and is screaming and bleeding, you will stop fighting and remove him from the battlefield, therefore removing more enemies from the battlefield and draining the enemies resources

  • There are no rules in war only the direction you go.

    If it is more efficient for eliminating the opposing force im in favor of it besides we have too many laws and if the other side uses whatever they want two can play that game the USA may be considered a "bully" but that's the opinion of the other states. Rules are good but too many and your breaking them left and right

  • It costs the enemy more

    It is more effective to wound an enemy soldier than to kill him. If he's dead, there is nothing more to be done for him. If he's wounded, he's still out of combat but he becomes a drain on your enemy's resources due to the requirement of transporting, treating, and rehabilitating him.

  • They look weaker.

    Are we going to just sit back while these gays make the military weaker! I wouldn't stab my sister with the bullets that look like flowers! We shouldn't do something just because it's greener because it will make our troops less effective! And I have no basis for believing their worse except how they look in one picture, but I am still right!

  • No. Why would the army need that extra expense?

    People have been aware of the advantages of the hollow point design for a very long time, and for almost as long, people have debated the ethics of using it. Especially in countries that struggle with gun control laws, hollow points are sometimes a topic of controversy as people attempt to balance the desires of gun rights advocates with a genuine concern for safety.

  • Military Should Not Use Hollowpoints

    No, the United States' military should not be able to use hollow point bullets in war. Hollow point bullets cause unnecessary and unneeded damage to an individual. They are a cruel and unusual weapon. The suffering these types of bullets cause is uncalled for. Thus, hollow point bullets should not be used.

  • IF you use them so will an enemy

    If you use hollow points so will the other side, Then it is likely to escalate to the use exploding or poison bullets which are also outlawed.

    The reason they were initially banned was because of the sheer number of disabled soldiers unable to hold down a job due to their injuries and the cost of this to both sides after a war. They are cruel weapons which severely disable the soldier if he survives.

    Added to that most soldiers kill any prisoner they take who have them in their possession so you could be expected to see mass execution of prisoners.

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wmatychuk says2013-12-04T20:55:38.507
You either kill them with hollow points or kill them with not-hollow points...Why does it matter?
Juris_Naturalis says2013-12-04T21:24:35.273
Because the military isn't allowed to use them and they're more effective than a full metal jacket.