Should the military be allowed to police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent?

  • The military should be allowed to do whatever it wants to do.

    The military should be allowed to do whatever it wants to do
    in the name of national security. The
    military is privy to information that local and state police departments are
    not aware of. The local and state police
    departments should never do anything to interfere with the operations of
    America’s military.

  • Only if we are being invaded by a foreign country.

    There is no good reason for the military to be on our streets unless we are being invaded. The "ILL-ETES" are using the military against American citizens and we need to send the message now, that we will defend ourselves, even against our own military. Our government needs to quit asking for our guns as well. The American populace is the largest army in the world and another country trying to invade us would be foolish at best.

  • Never. The day this happens is the day that this is no longer my nation.

    Absolutely ridiculous! If this happens, I will be fleeing to Canada and hoping that the US military regime doesn't turn it's sights on them after it's own people. It is beyond me how anyone would desire a police state. Say goodbye to your rights, and hello to military occupation! Despicable.

  • The military should not police unless it is an emergency.

    We have martial law for emergency situations, but the military should not police streets without state or local consent. There is no reason for military to do police work without consent. Military law is often different than local law. The state and local police should do the police work unless it's an emergency, or a situation exsists in which local and state police violate human rights or federal laws.

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